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The rainbow ? of colors, the delicious Gujiyas, the all-white outfit drenched in vibrant colors, the cold Thandai, an assortment of chaat, and the array of Bollywood numbers… Do they remind you of anything? Yes, Holi, the most lovable festival, is just around the corner. The perfect day to laugh, sing ?, and dance away all your worries.

So, why not create the same atmosphere at work? This will boost employees’ creativity and morale, as well as allow you to get to know them beyond the professional setting. Keep reading to learn about some creative ways you can make Holi 2024 a memorable experience. 

Fun activities to make your Holi 2024 event special

Jimmy Fallon Holi GIF by bypriyashah

Holi is an ideal festival for gathering people of all ages to mark the arrival of spring together. We have compiled a few fun and exciting ideas you can try hosting at your workspace with ease:

Have a dress code

Holi is all about vibrant colors and our traditions. Wearing formal office wear simply wouldn’t do. People must feel that it is a special event. So why not establish a dress code for the day? Furthermore, why not make it a competition and award a prize to the best dressed? This will encourage people to put effort into their Holi outfits.

Set a Holi 2024 theme 

Now that you have set a dress code, why not decorate the whole workspace as well? You can create a Holi theme for the day. Add pops of color throughout the building, from the reception to the lunch area. For example, place funky cushions in waiting areas. You can also hang colorful lights, balloons, ribbons, or, the simplest yet most elegant prop, different colored flowers. In addition to the decor, you can add the theme to the food as well. Play around with colors. Like having green kulfi, rainbow cake ?, a variety of cupcakes, different color mocktails, etc. 

Make it eco-friendly

Your Holi 2024 event will be more successful if it is environmentally friendly. So how do you go about it? Rather than using chemical colors or water to play, substitute them with flowers instead. You can even hold a competition. Whoever comes up with the most creative way of making natural colors will win a prize. Even the prizes can be eco-friendly. You can choose from copper bottles, jute bags, bamboo desk organizers, snack hampers with natural ingredients, seed planting kits, and more. In addition to serving as a token of appreciation, these gifts represent the organization’s sustainability values.

Have a rangoli competition 

Colors are the hallmark of Holi. However, we still need to maintain a certain decorum for the office. So, instead of playing with colors, why not use them in a rangoli competition? Employees can be divided into teams, and whoever creates the most unique artistic design in the specified time frame wins. It doesn’t matter whether the employees are artistic or not; this competition is sure to get them revved up.

Awards for best cubicle 

Employees spend most of their time at their workstations. This is their comfort zone. Introduce a best-decorated cubicle contest as part of the Holi event. Set up a condition to using organic decorations only. This will make it more interesting. By doing so, the employees will be able to decorate their office space in a way that suits their taste, as well as learn about a variety of environmentally friendly decor options. 

Face painting

Did you know that in Vrindavan, one of the most famous holy cities in India, face painting is a large part of Holi celebrations? On this auspicious festival, people paint their houses and faces. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. You can create the same for your office Holi celebration. All you need is a variety of paints. People can unleash their artistic creativity and create anything they want. It will also be a wonderful alternative to the use of colors on the face. 

Arrange different props

Memories are priceless, and thus, no event can be complete without capturing them in photographs. We all have smartphones to take great pictures, but why not step it up a notch and take these pictures to the next level? Use props to elevate these shots. Colorful boards with different one-liners, rainbow wigs, oversized sunglasses, and masks are some examples to make it more interesting. A selfie booth with a fun backdrop can also be set up to capture all the moments of the event.

Organize multiple games

To trigger the fun child in everyone and ensure that everyone takes part in the Holi celebration, introduce a bunch of games. You can choose any of the popular games, including Antakshri, dumb charades, musical chairs, or tug of war. You can even have a Golgappa competition between the bosses and employees. It will surely get everyone involved.

Set up a blank canvas 

All employees want to feel that their organization values them and wants them. Set up a blank white canvas with a logo of the company at the reception as a token of appreciation. Have each employee sign the canvas underneath with their fingerprint using paints. Seeing their fingerprints on the canvas will give them a sense of belonging.

Gift of sweets 

In India, every celebration ends with the exchange of sweets among family members. Employees also form part of the extended family. Give them a sweet box as a way to show this, and what better sweet to serve at the Holi event than Gujiyas.

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Final thoughts on Holi 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you will have gotten some inspiration on how to host your Holi 2024 celebration. At the end of the day, this festival is about hope, happiness, prosperity, and new beginnings. These employee engagement ideas can help create a more stable and content workforce ?, as well as lasting memories for your employees. 

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Q. How can companies ensure the safety and well-being of employees during the Holi celebration at the workplace?

A. Companies can ensure safety by using non-toxic, natural colors and setting clear guidelines for the celebration. Having medical assistance available and making participation voluntary also contribute to a safe environment. These steps create a secure and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

Q. What strategies can be employed to make Holi celebrations inclusive for employees from different cultural backgrounds?

A. To foster inclusivity, companies can educate employees about the significance of Holi and encourage them to share their own cultural traditions. Offering a variety of activities and food options that cater to different preferences ensures everyone feels welcome and valued. This approach promotes cross-cultural understanding and respect.

Q. Are there any specific ways to measure the impact of such festive celebrations on employee morale and engagement post-event?

A. The impact can be measured through employee surveys and feedback forms asking about their experience and suggestions for future events. Observing changes in productivity and team cohesion also offers insights into the celebration's effect on morale and engagement. These methods help gauge the success of the event and identify areas for improvement.