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Employee engagement is one of the most critical aspects of employee productivity. It helps create an environment of engagement, loyalty and trust in the workplace. Employee engagement activities make your employees happier, more engaged, and more productive. To help you engage your employees in fun ways in 2022, we've put together a list of ideas below! From team-building activities to game ideas, these ideas will indeed have your employees returning for more. So start planning your employee engagement activities today and see how happy and engaged your employees can be.

List of employee engagement activities 

Employee engagement is essential for a company's success. By engaging employees in fun ways, you can foster a sense of team-work and camaraderie. Here are 12 ideas for engaging your employees in fun ways: 

Happiness allowances 

Employees experience great satisfaction when they are given an allowance to spend as they please. This money can be used for anything from small birthday gifts to more significant purchases, making it easier for employees to connect with you and feel appreciated. Engagement activities like team-building exercises and social events should also be part of your employee engagement strategy to maintain a good team environment. A happy workforce is more productive - morale is high, turnover rates are low, and productivity increases! Ensure you keep all communication channels open so issues or feedback can be addressed promptly. 

Out-of-the-box team-building activities 

Employee engagement is key to building a successful workplace. One way to engage your employees is by creating fun activities that everyone on the team can enjoy. It's essential to measure how practical these activities are to keep improving them over time. Team building activities not only encourage employee engagement but also create an environment of camaraderie and team-work, which benefits the company and its employees in many ways! 

Perk petitions 

Allowing employees to choose rewards is a great way to engage them and show their gratitude. This shows you value them and motivates them to work hard for the company. It's essential to keep employee engagement high - by giving them an idea of how they can contribute towards company growth, you ensure that your team members are happy and productive. 

Community tie-ins 

Giving back to your community is an excellent way to show appreciation for the people that have helped you along the way. You can organise events like charity auctions or donation drives, letting employees know about them on social media platforms to engage with them and generate excitement. Furthermore, make it easy for your employees by setting up company blogs and giving them free rein to write whatever they want as long as it's professional and good-quality content. And finally, encourage your team members to blog regularly so that their insights reach a wider audience. 

Customisable onboarding programs 

Employee onboarding can be an important way to integrate new employees into your company culture and get them up to speed on their new job. It can also help new hires learn about the company and its operations quickly and efficiently. When designing your onboarding program, make sure that it is tailored specifically for the employees you welcome aboard. This will give them a sense of belonging and ensure that the transition from employee to team member goes smoothly.

Re-orientations for Employee Engagement 

When it comes to employee engagement, there are various ways you can achieve the objective. There's something for everyone, from team-building activities and social events to employee recognition programmes and wellness initiatives. That being said, ensure your engagement activities are safe from work duties. And last but not least, consider having an employee-centric culture to boost productivity and company morale. 

Mental health fairs 

Mental health is a taboo topic, so employees may not feel comfortable approaching their HR department or seeking professional help. Mental health fairs can be an effective way of engaging employees and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. By bringing awareness to mental health issues, employees will be better equipped to deal with them effectively. They'll also learn about different types of mental healthcare conditions and what treatments are available. In addition, they'll have an opportunity to socialise with others who share similar experiences. Organising these events can make work life much easier for employees and managers. 

War of the jars 

Employee engagement is about creating a fun and stimulating work environment for your employees. Here are a few good ideas to get you started: 

1. Host company-wide scavenger or treasure hunts - give your employees a new challenge every week! 

2. Brainstorm ideas for company-sponsored trivia nights – quiz them on their knowledge of the company culture, policies or anything else they may be interested in. 

3. Encourage team-building activities like team cooking or team-building hikes - this will help foster camaraderie and keep everyone healthy and active during those long days at work! 

4. Give great employee rewards for hard work - from freebies to special privileges that can make life at work just that little bit more enjoyable! 

5. Celebrate staff achievements with a heartfelt thank you letter and memorable gift(s). A simple handwritten note expressing how much you appreciate an employee's hard work is always appreciated! 

Knowledge swaps 

Employee engagement is essential for a company's success. By encouraging knowledge sharing and facilitating knowledge swaps between team members, your company can maximise the potential of its employees. Organising quarterly competitions or quizzes will keep everyone engaged and learning new things from their work environment and outside activities. Additionally, rewards like bonuses, recognition ceremonies, etc., motivate employees to stay up-to-date with changes in the company culture. 

Employee Engagement door prizes 

Employee engagement is essential for a company's overall success. The more engaged employees are, the easier it is to motivate them and keep them happy. Here are some ideas on how to promote employee engagement: 

- Have an employee engagement day.

- this will create a fun and relaxed work environment that will encourage employees to stay with your company. 

- Send fun emails or newsletters annually, announcing special offers for employees only. These might include discounts on products or freebies such as gadgets, software etcetera. 

- Host company-wide events such as happy hours or holiday parties which boost morale and team spirit among staff members. 

Give away freebies like snacks, drinks etc., so everyone feels appreciated! 

Office animal therapy 

Giving your employees the opportunity to pet and play with office animals is a good method to boost morale and create a positive work environment. Playing games together will help team members bond, while rewarding good employee behaviour will encourage others to adopt good habits. Having team-building exercises every few months can foster camaraderie among employees and strengthen their bonds. 

Community mood ring 

Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is essential for a healthy work-life balance. One way to achieve this is by involving them in fun and stimulating activities. A community mood ring can help track employee engagement levels over time, making it easier to identify problems early on and take corrective measures before they become serious. Using these ideas, you can create a fun, productive and engaging workplace for all! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my employees feel engaged in their work? 

When it comes to making your employees feel engaged in their work, a good way to go about it is by involving them in activities that make them laugh. This way, you're actively building team morale and creating a work environment that's enjoyable for all. You can also encourage work/life balance by granting your employees time off for personal activities or participating in company-sponsored team-building activities. In addition, you can celebrate employee birthdays and other special occasions with a fun event. 

What types of fun activities can my employees enjoy regularly? 

Some ideas include team sports, company picnics, healthy cooking contests, and more. Make sure that whatever activities you choose are related to the employee's job or field of expertise and only require a little money or fancy equipment. Just creativity and an eye for detail should do the trick! Also, make sure that your employees feel appreciated and that they're enjoying themselves while working. This will boost morale and productivity in the long run. 

What are some ways to improve the workplace environment? 

One way to improve the workplace environment is by having fun activities available for employees. This can help to engage them and make their day easier. You can also create employee appreciation days where you give out presents or surprise bonuses. Additionally, ensure there are enough opportunities for employees to voice their opinions. This will help ensure that they feel heard and appreciated. Encourage creativity, team-building events, and public speaking contests among your staff to foster a better work environment. 


Employee engagement is an important topic that should be addressed. In this blog, we've provided you with 12 ideas for engaging your employees in fun ways. From team-building activities to company-wide competitions, these ideas will have your employees coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Start engaging your employees today.