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Seema Anand

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Dr. Tanaya

Millennial doctor, putting the FUN in FUNdamental sex ed

Monika Halan

Household finance expert | Author - Let’s talk money


Functional fitness trainer | Started CrossFit in India

Mishti Khatri

Fitness trainer & nutrition Expert

Massimo Pigliucci

Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York

Will Storr

British author, journalist and former photographer

Pauls Pujats

Latvian olympic athlete | Mobility expert

Past events

Pillars of well-being

Demystifying happiness through neuroscience with Dr. Siddharth Warrier

Cultivating better sexual health

Breaking down barriers created by toxic masculinity with Dr. Varuna Srinivasan

Flute meditation concert

Guided meditation and mindful breathing exercises with Nathalie Ramirez

Real people, real reviews

Rinkesh Gorasia
Career Leap

Just enabled Health Insurance for our team @UpskillInd via @getplumhq Lite and it's amazing how seamless & affordable the whole experience is for even small teams & startups. Brilliant work by the team at @getplumhq

Sonam Srivastava
Research Wright

Team @ResearchWright is geared up for the challenging times. We just got our health insurance started with @getplumhq. Love the easy process and the benefits of Plum.

Aditya Patil

Having used insurance in every company I have worked at; the communication between hospitals and insurance is extremely stressful. So glad to see someone solving a dire problem!

Roshan Cariappa

Gotta say @getplumhq onboarding emails are such a pleasant change from the usual insurance garble! Amazing stuff, @thesanerguy, @tanish2k!

Srikrishnan Ganesan
Rocketlane HQ

@getplumhq for making insurance for our team super easy and affordable from very early in the journey!

Ashwini Asokan
Mad Street Den

We use @getplumhq @ MSD HR team got whole thing up & running just like that. We'd been researching for months to get a solution in place & it fell in place so quickly when we met these guys. Talk to @tanish2k this team & their product - top class #notapaidtweet #justteamPlumfan

Aniket Rao

Just used the Telehealth feature on @getplumhq to consult with a doctor. Smooth experience in terms of consultation, scheduling, and engagement 💯. Old school browser booking followed up via email communications. Didn't have to download an app.

Ant Wak

We are also happy customers of @getplumhq at @AntWakVideos. The entire onboarding and claim settlement process is really smooth.

Shaurya Poddar

Buying insurance from @getplumhq has been a brilliant experience! Their sales and onboarding process is something every founder should go through while structuring their own. #CustomerExperience


I got you. Also, how soon is soon? 😃 Also, I recently got a chance to use Plum, and man, it’s more refreshing than most health care benefit interfaces that I have used.

Priyanka A

Looking forward to Plum and Navi. Probably the only two companies that will make a good difference to insurance customer experience in the country.

Deepak Abbot

Genuine appreciation tweet for @getplumhq - I didn’t realize getting group insurance would be this smooth. Kudos @thesanerguy - this industry needed disruption and happy to see Plum doing it the right way