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Plum Telehealth gives your employees and their families instant access to high-quality virtual healthcare from our in-house doctors

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What's new with Plum Telehealth?

  • Appointment bookings to video calls and prescriptions - now all in one place
  • Timely reminders on email, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Choose doctors based on language and gender
  • Instant digital prescriptions and easy-to-book follow up appointments
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What better way to show you the telehealth experience than our employees asking our doctors some extremely absurd health questions?

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Everything you need, in one app

24/7 access to doctors

Speak to a doctor in under 10mins

1:1 consults over video call

Book, cancel and reschedule appointments in seconds

Instant digital prescriptions

Care for the entire family

Our in-house doctors

Dr. (Brig) Sunil Jatana

Paediatrics 45+ years of experience

Dr. Nalanda D Singh

Pulmonologist 16+ years of experience

Dr. (Brig) Sukesh Kathpalia

Gynaecology 45+ years of experience

Dr. Harshal Ranglani

Dermatologist 7+ years of experience

Dr. (Maj) Paridhi Nigdikar

General Physician 10+ years of experience

Dr. Seema Nambiar

Clinical Psychology 10+ years of experience

Dr. (Col) Vasudevan PR

Orthopedician 45+ years of experience

Dr. (Maj) Suresh Philip

ENT 5+ years of experience

…and many more

Plum’s in-house doctors are carefully selected and specially trained to provide remote consultations and prescriptions. We strictly comply with the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 and the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020.

How is Plum different?

For the good of your teams

In-house doctors specially trained for online consultations

Access to care across 20+ specialities

Your data is completely secure with us

We’ve got you covered

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Frequently asked questions

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the process of using technology to provide healthcare services remotely.

Why should I choose a telehealth consultation?

There are many perks to opting for a telehealth consultation. Some of them being,

  • Consult with a doctor from the comfort of your own home
  • Easier access to medical care by cutting down on travel time
  • Reduces your waiting time at clinics and hospitals
  • Remote access to specialists who may be in far away locations
  • Healthcare services and providers are only a call away, thus making the whole experience easier and more accessible.

How do I book a teleconsultation with Plum?

You can book a teleconsultation on the Plum app easily. Go to the 'Care' section at the bottom right. Choose the doctor you want to speak to. You can then book an appointment with your preferred doctor by choosing a date and time. And you're done!

Can I choose my doctor with Telehealth?

Yes, you can absolutely choose the doctor with whom you'd like to consult with.

Who all can use the telehealth services?

All the members included in your Plum insurance plan can avail the telehealth consultation services.

Can I speak with the same doctor many times?

Yes, you can choose to speak to the same doctor multiple times.

What are the timings to get a consultation?

GP's are available for consultations 24/7. Specialists are available from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week.

I am experiencing certain symptoms but I don't know which specialist to go to. What should I do?

In cases where you are unsure of which specialist will be best suited for your condition, you can simply type in your symptoms in the app search bar. You will then be recommended a specialist based on those symptoms.

How do I get the doctor's prescription after the consultation?

Prescriptions are sent to you after your appointment, both to your registered mobile number and can be found on your Plum app dashboard.

Will the online consultation with a doctor be private?

Yes, all online consultations with doctors on the Plum app are completely confidential and private.

What platform is used for the doctor teleconsultations? Do I need to download an app for it?

We have developed the entire Telehealth experience in-house on the Plum app. The doctor teleconsultations are hosted on the app.

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