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Plum is taking high-quality, employer-sponsored healthcare to millions of Indians, by leading with new underwriting and fraud detection algorithms, real-time insurance pricing and a product-led claims experience for employees. Something that has never been done before.

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The big Indian healthcare challenge

600 million Indians won’t be able to afford rising health insurance costs

Healthcare costs in India are rising 3x faster than commodities, piercing through Indian households’ savings.

For even the best businesses, buying health insurance is a slow, painful struggle. There are three main challenges that we see:


It takes months for small businesses to sort out and negotiate a basic insurance plan, on inefficient offline channels.

Ease of use

Employees are hindered by a poor claims experience when it comes to using their insurance.


Health insurance options available in the market today are entirely unaffordable for small teams.

What we’re looking for

Clear communication

We’re in the business of making insurance simple, so we value people who can write and speak clearly. Writing forces you to structure your ideas and also helps us document our processes.

Attention to detail

It’s important to us that you fuss over every little detail. Insurance is a maze of rules and regulations. A small misstep, or an unclear experience for our users, could mean weeks of pain for them.

Systems thinking

We value people who can step back and see how their pieces fit into the bigger puzzle. We aren’t averse to hacking solutions, but you must place an emphasis on building robust systems that can win in the long run.

Bias to action

There’s someone innovating in this space every week. If we don’t act fast, someone else will. There’s no time for inaction – you need to be on your toes, thinking and moving forward everyday.

Plum Perks


Attractive equity options at one of India’s rising insurance start-ups.

Health insurance

Health insurance of 5L, covering your spouse, your children, your parents/parent-in-law.

Super top-up

Additional coverage of 20L added to your health insurance

Accident insurance

Personal accident insurance covering death, disability, and loss of income

Health check-up

A full-body health check-up for you, once a year.

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