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Keeping employees motivated, especially during work from home, is a task. The on-going pandemic has dimmed everyone’s will to work. However, most companies have taken the necessary steps to keep their employees’ happiness intact.

“We are a family here,” says Pranati, the HR head at GlowRoad. She believes that giving the employees their freedom is a needed stepping-stone in their growth at the workplace. Being a start-up company, they kept their foundation strong even when their employees were stuck at home.

About GlowRoad

GlowRoad is India’s leading social commerce platform. It has allowed people from all walks of life to earn from home. Whether you’re a student or a homemaker, you can become your own boss just through the tap of a finger. Anyone can resell products on GlowRoad with an added profit and run a successful business from their smartphone. 

Happy Employees Are Key

Only focusing on work is not GlowRoad’s mantra. They want their employees to maintain a good work-life balance and enjoy their work. The best way to have fun while working is hosting various engaging tournaments online and around the office. Imagine beating your boss at a game of badminton, the sly smile you can give yourself after, and the sigh of relief that you are better than them at something!

An indoor badminton court employees in an indoor court

Team lunches and outings every now and then are another constant at GlowRoad. Enjoying a tasty pizza and a cold drink after a long day at work is easily one of the best feelings. team lunch outing team get-together

GlowRoad believes in efficiency. It’s not how long the task takes, but how well the task is done. This way of looking at things has built great trust and has improved personal relationships between employees at the company. “Whenever I build something, it causes our business to flourish more. Often small steps cause big changes and the satisfaction that comes with these changes makes me very happy” says Nishant Raghuvanshi, Business Analyst at GlowRoad.

How Team Glowroad Spent Their Lockdown

It is not a secret that the ongoing pandemic has caused many people’s mental health to be at stake, but GlowRoad wasn’t going to just turn a blind eye towards this. Just because their employees were stuck between four walls, didn’t mean that their life had to be constrained

GlowRoad made sure to keep their employees physically and emotionally healthy. For the former, they held online Zumba sessions with a professional trainer from well-known Cult Fitness.

Coming to the emotional and mental well-being of the employees, Glowroad hosted online meditation sessions while collaborating with a wellness organization called Mindhouse. team video call employee on video call employee doing Yoga

Mental health at GlowRoad is taken very seriously. “We want our employees to be happy. We are a family here and what’s worse than seeing a family member go down in the dumps?” says Nitesh Pant, the co-founder.

The company is a safe space where the employees can openly talk in one-on-one sessions with their team leaders or other individuals. As some employees may not be comfortable with talking, the company makes sure that common interaction is there for everyone.

Glowroad’s Entertaining Work Culture

The culture of the company is built by the employees, and more importantly, for the employees. As time passes, the culture at GlowRoad keeps changing.

It is an extremely dynamic workspace and everyone is very adaptive to the constant changes that are made to the work and the workspace. The company usually takes up numerous employee engagement activities to keep its employees motivated.

The company hosts different events on festivals where all of its employees can exhibit their various talents. In fact, the company hosted an event called MasterChef GlowRoad where employees cooked various kinds of dishes. employee sketch

During online meetings, sometimes everyone joins in on a game of Pictionary to take their mind off of work. This is just one of the examples of the weekly team-building activities that GlowRoad hosts. team video call

Humans of New York is a project started in 2010 by a photographer to capture the unique stories of each and every person that walked through the streets of New York.

Similarly, Humans of GlowRoad is a project started by the company to capture the individual stories of every employee that has walked through the doors of the company. LinkedIn feed LinkedIn feed 2

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Accept and Move Ahead – GlowRoad’s Mantra

GlowRoad sees failures as a part of life. Failures are often what teach very valuable lessons to each and every individual. Just because a certain task did not go a certain way, there is no need to spend time dwelling on it, when one can accept and move ahead. Employees should concentrate on solving a problem instead of ignoring it.

Workplace happiness is the most crucial thing for any employee or team to succeed in any given task or project.

At GlowRoad, as a company and as leaders in the social commerce space - the fundamentals of work-life balance, culture, and growth are embedded in their core values. Entrepreneurial culture is embedded in their culture, with many employees leading their team’s growth & their own career growth. This makes GlowRoad the most suitable place to work in social-commerce, as an employee as well as a reseller on their platform.