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Introducing (in)Dependent Login

Now, you and your team, the primary users of Plum, can invite their loved ones* to log in to their own Plum accounts and access benefits independently.

*We aren't big fans of the word, dependent.

You might think this isn’t a big feature – it’s just an additional login, after all – but you’d be surprised to know that additional logins for non-primary users are far from the norm for insurance companies. Which then begs the question…

Why did we build this?

When we launched our mobile app in September 2022, what stood out early was how much usage was driven by benefits availed for family members of primary Plum account holders.

For instance, our Telehealth data showed us that around 40% of consultations were availed for family members. 

The more we dug into our users’ stories, the more it made sense to open access. For deeper context, read the three case studies** (fictionalised from real user stories) at the end of this blog.

One of the early DMs we received
“I was away for a week on a trek with little to no connectivity, my parents were able to file their claims with ease using their own Plum app without much of my assistance. This is very helpful.”

– An early adopter of (in)Dependent Login

In hindsight, (in)Dependent Login feels like a natural progression in our mission of making health insurance and benefits accessible to all.

Here’s why it’ll help…

Being dependable is nice, being dependent isn’t

  1. Convenience: You shouldn’t act like a helpdesk, nor should your family be overly reliant on your Plum account or your time to access our features and take care of their health. Your family should also have easy access to Plum in case you’re in an emergency.
  2. Privacy: Being empathetic in healthcare means understanding that care and support must sometimes be a personal and private affair. (in)Dependent Login allows your family to access Telehealth without relying on or notifying the primary Plum user. This is critical for sensitive cases, like mental health consultations, or during emergencies.
  3. Autonomy: Good health means different things to different people with unique circumstances. Consider the needs of a spouse versus an ageing parent versus a younger sibling. Independent accounts allow your loved ones to access Plum in a personalised way, giving them the autonomy to care for their conditions as they know best.

Invite your family to Plum


  • Primary users can invite family members through the profile section of the Plum app
  • Family members receive an invitation link via WhatsApp/SMS or through the invite link shared by the member
  • Upon phone verification, family members can set up their profiles and start using the app, independently!

(in)Dependent login is available on both Android and iOS.

Ankush from Plum is a delighted maker and user

If you’re an HR/admin whose organisation uses Plum, you can share this message with your team in your company’s preferred communication channels.

Our health insurance and benefits partner, Plum, has introduced a new feature to help your dependents/loved ones log in to their own dashboards and access benefits independently. 

This will allow your family to get the health support they need without relying on your time, Plum account, or credentials. Your family should also have easy access to Plum in case you’re in an emergency.

Invite your family members to log in to their Plum accounts here:

Currently available on the mobile app.

Do you have questions, feedback, or suggestions about this feature or our product? 

Email us at


**Case studies, fictionalised from real user stories:

Embracing privacy for the mental health of a younger sibling

Akash, a college student, has been experiencing anxiety and stress due to academic pressure. While open to seeking help, Akash feels uncomfortable sharing these concerns directly with family, fearing unnecessary worry or misunderstanding. Besides, he is not financially stable enough to get professional help. He knows that his elder sister has access to health services from Plum.

With (in)Dependent Login, Akash independently accesses the Plum dashboard, scheduling telehealth appointments with a mental health professional. This feature ensures Akash's journey remains private, enabling a safe space to discuss and manage mental health without the immediate intervention of family members unless chosen otherwise.

Akash benefits from regular counselling sessions, leading to a significant reduction in his anxiety levels. This privacy and autonomy in managing mental health care fosters empowerment and responsibility.

Nurturing autonomy in senior-aged parents

Manohar and Nalini, both in their mid-60s, require regular medical consultations and follow-ups for chronic conditions. They often rely on their adult children and their schedules to manage their health appointments and insurance claims, feeling somewhat disempowered and overly dependent.

With Plum’s (in)Dependent Login feature, they can manage their own health appointments and insurance. This independence allows them to take charge of their medical needs and consultations.

They now maintain a consistent healthcare routine, improving their overall well-being. Their adult children are relieved of coordination issues while still providing care indirectly.

Convenience in health access for a spouse

Sanjana, a new mother on a career break, finds coordinating her medical needs from her husband’s Plum health benefits slightly inconvenient because of her husband’s schedule.

With (in)Dependent Login, Sanjana gains direct access to the Plum dashboard. She now schedules her Telehealth appointments, orders prescription refills, and accesses insurance and other health services at her convenience, without going through her husband.

This also ensures no delays in medical attention or preventive care.


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