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Quick facts about Infeedo

Founded 2016
Industry SaaS
Employee count 120+
HQ Gurgaon - India, New York - USA
Organization setup 100% Remote


  • Providing health insurance and health benefits for a fast-growing startup.
  • Enabling HR to enroll employees and dependents on their insurance plans in a remote setup.


  • A 5x growth in eNPS scores
  • 100% reduction in time taken for insurance and health benefits enrollment
  • 9.0 claims CSAT
  • Glassdoor rating of 4.9

About InFeedo

Founded by Tanmaya Jain and Varun Puri, inFeedo is a YCombinator and Tiger Global-backed all-in-one employee experience platform with people analytics that help predict attrition, burnout, and disengagement in top talent. 

inFeedo’s proprietary AI bot Amber, launched in 2016, has conversations with the employees to find hidden gaps in their culture, manager-employee relations, and wellbeing in real-time.

Over 175 companies across 60 countries use Amber by inFeedo to converse and check-in with 50,000+ employees. Employers have had 1.3 billion conversations using Amber in the last year alone. 


inFeedo believes in building products that help companies put their employees first. 

So, how does a company that helps its customers build a culture of care create one for its own team members? 

We spoke with Sameera Khan, the Director of People Success at inFeedo, to find out more.  

Sameera joined inFeedo as their 13th employee in 2018. Since then, they’ve gone fully remote when the pandemic hit and have now scaled up to 120+ team members

Growing fast and moving to a remote setup in the middle of the pandemic meant that it was critical for the team at inFeedo to get their employee onboarding right — an essential component of this was enrolling their employees and dependents on their group health insurance. 

As an early-stage start-up bringing onboard senior team members from large companies without health insurance was a challenge — we would invariably be asked the question, “But you do provide insurance, right?” As the team continued to grow, we knew our team and their families' health was a priority. 

Sameera helped us understand how inFeedo’s partnership with Plum has helped abate these challenges.


Sameera, Tanmaya, and Varun have always believed in building an empathetic and engaging work culture. 

And one way to make their work culture engaging was by gamifying their growth. Every time they’d hit a new company milestone, they’d work with the employees to understand their needs and unlock a unique employee benefit. In 2020, when inFeedo became a part of YCombinator, they chose to get their team group health insurance and health benefits. 

While other competitors were in the fray, choosing Plum was a no-brainer. Plum had startup-friendly pricing, was backed by credible investors, and had recommendations from fellow founders. 

Further, Plum’s add-on benefits and HR dashboards cemented the deal.  

With Plum, inFeedo covers its team members, partners, children, and parents at no added cost. 


An HR dashboard that helped with employee onboarding from the get-go

While Plum came with the backing of founders and investors, an important factor for a fast-growing remote company was an easy-to-use HR dashboard. 

Unlike the competitors, the team from inFeedo found Plum’s dashboard the most intuitive. The modern SaaS product-like interface meant that the HR team could hit the ground running with minimal assistance from the Plum team. 

The dashboard made it easy for them to add employees and their dependents without going back and forth on spreadsheets and emails, cutting their employee insurance onboarding time from weeks to minutes.

“Traditional insurance processes aren’t remote-friendly. As a remote company, we needed to choose an insurance platform that allowed us to go completely paperless, and that’s where Plum’s dashboard helped”

Sameera Khan

De-jargonized and simplified insurance for employees

With Plum’s employee dashboard, inFeedo’s employees have a clear idea of what their insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t. The employee dashboard also allows for easy downloads of digital health insurance cards and claims filing in under 5 minutes with complete assistance from the Plum team. 

Plum mobile for infeedo

“I’ve not had anyone say that Plum hasn’t helped them or that something isn’t clear. Every action takes three steps or less and can be done with minimal human intervention,” Sameera said.  

Wellness as a lever for employee engagement

Keeping a check on employee wellness isn’t always easy in a remote setup, and Plum’s suite of healthcare benefits — particularly the weekly wellness sessions perfectly fit the bill. 

infeedo and Plum

The team at inFeedo loved the consistently high quality of sessions and the diverse selection of creators and topics covered week-on-week. 

The impact

This brings us back to the question — how does a startup building for employee love and advocacy, care for its employees? 

inFeedo as an organization has built its culture around listening to its employees. They’ve collected eNPS (employee net promoter scores) from Day 1, collected feedback and employee asks, and created mechanisms for transparency between the leadership team and employees. 

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