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Time management is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. Everyone in business wants time to be managed well. Once done right, time management can help companies to reap the benefits of being efficient and on track to meet goals. But if time management is not done well, it can lead to loss of productivity, employee burnout, and frustration among employees.

Fortunately, time management doesn't have to be a challenge today with the many apps available for free or with a small cost that help keep track of employee time. This blog will discuss employee time-tracking software and apps worth trying out for your business.

Best Employee Time Tracking Apps (2024)

Employee time management software has become a necessity in today's business world. It helps track, bill, and manage employee time effectively and efficiently. 


Clockify is widely regarded as the best overall employee time-tracking app due to its ease of use and compatibility with multiple platforms. Clockify offers free mobile and web apps that users can access from any device, making it easy to track time spent on a project or task from anywhere. The app allows users to track time to specific tasks, projects, clients, or locations with just a few clicks. Additionally, Clockify provides business owners with a dashboard that displays real-time attendance data and allows them to generate accurate billing reports.

The app is trusted by over 95,000 businesses to record employee hours and schedule shifts efficiently. With Clockify, companies can easily monitor work progress, track attendance, and generate accurate billing reports. As a result, effective time management becomes easier for organizations of all sizes.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is a time-tracking app that helps users track their time while on the clock. This app can be used with mobile devices to track time and location data in real-time. It also offers reports to compare actuals vs estimates to help project managers stay on track. The app requires users to set their location settings to "Always" for time tracking, which allows QuickBooks Time to track their location as they work. 

This helps project managers track their team's efficiency and identify improvement areas. Admins can require users to set their location settings to "Always" for time tracking, which helps them track their hours accurately and improve productivity. Additionally, the first administrator is included in the account base fee, with additional costs for each user needing access to time-tracking functionality.


ClockShark is one of the best employee time-tracking apps of 2023. It is designed for field service and construction industries and allows employees to track time with a single button. It provides features such as tracking work time and break time. Additionally, ClockShark is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome browsers. This app allows workers to track their time from anywhere. It helps them stay organized and efficient throughout the day.

Overall, ClockShark is an excellent employee time-tracking app that will help businesses track their employees' productivity efficiently.


Paymo is a popular employee time-tracking app that allows users to track work progress and hours cost-effectively and efficiently. Both remote and in-office teams can use it to track work progress and hours accurately. In addition to time tracking, Paymo also features an easy-to-use time tracker app that records work and breaks time. This makes it ideal for tracking employee time for projects with multiple tasks or when there are different scenarios to follow. Besides, Paymo provides desktop, mobile, and browser apps to track employee time from anywhere or on any device.

It is an indispensable tool for businesses looking for accurate employee time-tracking data. With Paymo, employers can easily track employee time and schedule shifts without manually entering timesheet data. Additionally, the feature-rich app offers a variety of reports to analyze employee performance over time quickly. Paymo is a reliable and versatile employee time management app that helps businesses save money and achieve optimal productivity.


TimeCamp is a free employee time-tracking app that allows users to track time for projects and tasks from mobile devices. It offers a one-click time capture feature that automatically records the time spent on a particular project or job. This app also allows employees to see how much time they spend on the project and how long they work. It also provides management with information about productivity in real-time.

TimeCamp offers free plans for small businesses and individual users, with more advanced features such as paid upgrade options. It is an excellent app for team productivity tracking, allowing teams to share and track time spent on projects and tasks quickly and easily.


Deputy is an employee time-tracking app that helps comply with wage and hour laws. It includes various tools to track legally mandated breaks and alert employers when employees are nearing their schedule limit. The free plan allows publishing up to 100 shifts per month, while the paid plans cost around $3.50 per month per user. Deputy integrates with payroll to provide accurate data and help schedule employees to save time and money. All Deputys plans include primary PTO and leave management features, making it a versatile time-tracking platform. 

My Hours

HiveDesk is an employee time-tracking software that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome. It allows users to quickly and efficiently track their work and billable hours. Over 95,000 businesses have used HiveDesk to record employee hours and schedule shifts. With Hive Desk, employees can track time to projects and tasks from desktop, mobile, or browser apps.

Time-tracking apps are helpful for businesses in several ways. They allow businesses to track time spent on various tasks and projects efficiently. They also help companies to manage payroll and attendance over time easily. With time-tracking software, business owners can ensure their staff spends the right time on different tasks. Also, time-tracking apps can help employees stay organized and accurately track their work hours.


Time management has never been easier than with employee time-tracking software. All you need to do is add employees to your team or create a team in the app of your choice and set work hours. You can also track time off, overtime, and payroll. 

The clock is your best bet if you're looking for employee time management software that works on mobile devices. But plenty of apps, such as QuickBooks Time, Paymo, and Deputy, also work. What's more, all these apps are free to use.

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