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Group mediclaim is a type of insurance policy that provides benefits to employees and their families in the instance of an unexpected health emergency. Group plans are standard in countries where health care is expensive, and coverage can be challenging to find. They're also popular in countries where there are a lot of foreign workers who need medical insurance in case of an emergency.

The main benefits of group plans are that they're affordable, easy to get and cover a wide range of medical expenses. Group cover is suitable for employees because they provide health insurance in case of an illness or accident and can be added as part of an employee's compensation package at no cost to their CTC.

Who is covered under a group plan? Generally, group mediclaim plans are available to employees and their family members who live in the same household. Who can join a group medical health plan? Most employee mediclaim plans are open to all employees, but some may have specific eligibility requirements.

Who can buy group mediclaim? 

Knowing the basics regarding group health in India, such as eligibility and premium rates, is important. Various types of coverage are available, so select the right one for your needs. If you're an employee looking for group cover, speak with your employer first! Group medical policy is a type of insurance that covers an entire group of people.

How does group mediclaim work? 

Employees in India can benefit from group insurance. Such insurance covers an entire group's medical expenses, which can be a great help in times of need. The provided cover and benefits are retroactive to the date of injury or illness, so everyone in the group is covered. Plus, the group policy is usually more comprehensive than individual mediclaim, and it's cheaper since it's group-based.

What are the benefits of group mediclaim? 

Employee cover can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For example, it offers comprehensive benefits at an affordable rate. Additionally, GMC comes in various types, so you can find the right policy that meets your needs. If you're looking to provide health insurance for a group of people, such as employees, family members, and friends, GMC is an excellent option to consider.

Group mediclaim is a form of health insurance that provides coverage for groups of people, so it's a great option for people looking for comprehensive health insurance coverage. 


Is group mediclaim a good employee benefits plan? 

Group mediclaim is a type of employee benefits plan that offers healthcare coverage to employees who work in a certain geographic area. It's cheaper and easier to administer than individual insurance plans and can be a good benefits option for businesses. The personal health plan has some downsides, such as its high premiums and limited coverages. 

How much does group mediclaim cost? 

This usually depends on the type of cover, number of employees, strength of the organisation, etc. The process of applying for a group plan is typically straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. In addition, group cover can be more affordable than individual coverage, which can be helpful in an emergency.

So, corporate health insurance is an excellent option if you're looking for insurance that can protect you and your loved ones in an emergency.

Who is covered under a group mediclaim plan? 

Employees eligible for coverage under a group mediclaim plan usually have been with the company as soon as they join. The benefits an employee is entitled to under a group policy depend on factors such as age and residency status in India. Generally, group plans cover medical expenses and loss of income due to illness or injury. The graded benefits employees are entitled to also depend on their salary and designation.

Who can join a group mediclaim plan? 

Group mediclaim plans are a great option for employers on a budget. They provide significant savings over private health insurance premiums and are available to workers of all ages and positions. There is no need for an employment certificate or proof of residence to join a group mediclaim plan.

In India, group mediclaim plans are available to all working employer-employees who need medical assistance. So whether you're a busy working parent looking for ways to save on your health insurance premiums or dependent on an employee who is always on the go, group mediclaim plans could be the perfect solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Group mediclaim in India? 

Group mediclaim in India is a policy that can be bought by employees of an organisation and offered by employers to their employees. It helps cover the medical expenses of an entire group or society and can differ depending on the company. Coverage may include hospitalisation, outpatient treatment, maternity care etc. For companies to be eligible for group mediclaim, you need to apply first with an insurer, and it is essential to know your eligibility criteria before applying.

Are there any exclusions to coverage under Group mediclaim? 

Yes, group mediclaim does have exclusions. You cannot avail the coverage if you are an employee of a particular foreign company or travelling abroad with someone specific the company employs. In addition, even though these groups of people do not fall within the eligibility criterion for group mediclaim, they can still cover under individual policies if required. Certain other categories of people are not covered under Group mediclaim either - these include members of the police force, prison officers and personnel in the armed forces. 

Can I use my personal health insurance policy to cover group medical expenses in India? 

You can use your personal health insurance policy to cover group medical expenses in India. Your individual health plan can be utilised if you run out of group cover. The single policy will usually offer coverage for various medical conditions, including pregnancy, childbirth, hospital stays, surgery etc. Before purchasing the policy, ensure that the Indian authorities (IRDAI) license the company/broker you are buying from. 

When should I file a claim for group medical expenses? 

Assuming that the medical expenses were actually incurred and documented, you should file a group medical claim with your employer, HR department or the insurer directly as soon as possible. This way, you'll have all the necessary documents to support your case, and benefits will be awarded as quickly as possible. There is a specific time limit for filing a group insurance claim, but it's always recommended to file a claim soon to get the most benefits from it.

Is group mediclaim a good option for small businesses in India? 

Yes, group mediclaim is a great option for small businesses in India. It can help you protect your employees and customers in an accident or illness. The process of applying is simple and takes around 20 minutes to complete. You'll need to provide proof of your company's tax status and information about your staff and members. Once you've applied, you'll receive a PDF policy document outlining the insurance coverages and obligations of the policy. 

How much does group mediclaim cost in India? 

There is no single answer to this question, as group coverage costs vary depending on your chosen plan and the state you live in. India's most common group medical policy can cost around Rs. 185 to Rs. 999 per month for each employee. The program can cover hospitalisation, maternity care, surgeries, outpatient treatment, prescription drugs and more.  


Group cover is a vital employee benefits plan to help keep your employees healthy and insured. By understanding the basics of group insurance, such as how it works and the benefits, you can decide if a mediclaim is a good option for your business.