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Both doctors and patients have discovered the benefits of telemedicine apps in India. Patients prefer to visit their doctors in the safety of their houses during the ongoing pandemic since they have been warned not to leave their homes. You can use telemedicine apps to get in touch with a physician for various illnesses.

There are a lot of great telemedicine apps available in India, and they're a great way to get medical help when you're not able to get to a doctor or hospital. Some of the best telemedicine apps in India include Plum, Practo Health, and Mediki. They offer excellent medical services at affordable prices and are available on Android and iOS platforms. 

One of the best things about these apps is that they allow you to connect with doctors remotely via video call or chat. This means that you can ask them any question about your health situation, and they can provide you with professional advice in a timely manner. 

If you're ever struggling with an illness or injury, then using one of these great telemedicine apps is best. They'll make it possible for you to get the medical help you need without travelling long distances or spending a lot of money. 

Plum Telehealth

Plum Telehealth, a Plum insurance product, provides 24-hour high-quality teleconsultations. You may schedule a teleconsultation with your preferred doctor from the convenience of your home, saving money on travel and reducing waiting times at clinics and hospitals by following a few simple steps. With the Plum app, healthcare professionals and services are just a phone call away, making the process simpler and more accessible. How to access it? On the bottom right of the App, tap on the "Care" section. So, pick a doctor and a time to speak with them, and you're all set. 

Even Healthcare

Even, a healthcare provider, offers managed care plans to its members through its IRDAI-licensed insurance partners. Members have unrestricted access to Even doctors' appointments, free tests, and preventive health initiatives thanks to Even's other healthcare services, which are provided under our managed care program. Members enrolled in the group insurance plan may purchase OPD coverage and cashless hospitalization. Depending on their medical history, lifestyle risks, and health goals, members may also be able to see a private doctor who can assist them with their medical treatment.

Visit App

Visit App allows you to connect with Healthcare Specialists and get answers to your health concerns, as well as a Personal Health Assistant. Within 30 minutes, members may connect with some of the country's best medical professionals via video/voice calls. Check Your Symptoms, Track Your Fitness Activity, Food Diary, Chronic Care Management, Medical Advice, Drug Information, and Online Ordering Medicines are just a few other services available.

Practo Technologies

One of the most popular telemedicine apps is Practo. A sizeable medical directory, online appointment booking, and online consultations are just a few of its essential services. Subscription-based health plans are also available. A digital prescription is provided with free follow-up and consultation fees for sessions.


PharmEasy provides telemedicine services, including remote consultation, drug refills, and health checkups through its (e-pharmacy firm). Patients may get health care at their leisure from the convenience of their own houses via its services. Online medical records and video chats are among the company's top health-related services. Patients may stay in touch with their doctors and be sure about their health without spending money on travel using PharmEasy's services.


In today's world, there is no need to travel to a doctor's office or hospital to get medical help. With the growth of telemedicine apps, it has become much more accessible for people worldwide to get the care they need from a doctor without ever having to leave their homes. Telemedicine apps allow you to consult with a doctor over the phone or via video call, and you can even receive treatment from doctors anywhere in the world. 

If you're looking for a way to access quality medical care without leaving your home, consider using a telemedicine app in India. By doing so, you can be sure that you will receive the best care possible.


Q. What are the qualifications and certifications of the doctors available through these telemedicine apps?

A. Doctors on telemedicine apps are required to have valid medical degrees and registrations with the Medical Council of India. Therefore, patients can trust the advice they receive.

Q. How are prescriptions issued and fulfilled through these telemedicine services?

A. After consultations, doctors can issue digital prescriptions, which patients can use to purchase medicine online or at local pharmacies. Therefore, access to medication is streamlined and convenient.

Q. What are the privacy and data security measures in place to protect patient information shared over these telemedicine apps?

A. Telemedicine apps employ encryption and comply with data protection laws to safeguard patient information. Therefore, consultations and health records are kept confidential, ensuring privacy and security.