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Plum was founded towards the end of 2019 with the mission to cover 10 million people in India with insurance by 2024. At least 400 million people in India lack financial protection for healthcare. They might have the ability to pay small premiums, but lack awareness or access to suitably priced comprehensive products. As per a Niti Aayog report, they are categorised as the ‘missing middle’. 

Most health insurance schemes or products are designed for the top of the pyramid,  (about 10% of the population that can afford to pay large premiums ranging from INR 5,000-50,000 a year on health insurance), not the middle (about 30-40%)  and this is where Plum comes in. With employer<>employee insurance plans, that allow companies as small as just two people to buy covers for as low as INR 85, and pay a monthly premium, we address this "missing middle" through affordable, accessible & high-quality employer-employee insurance programs.

10 Key Milestones in Plum’s Journey in 2021

  • True to our mission of making healthcare accessible, over 80% of companies that use Plum are first-time buyers of health insurance.
  • We onboarded 1000+ customers comprising startups, enterprises and SMEs.
  • We launched the fastest purchase experience of 60-seconds with realtime, affordable and transparent pricing.
  • We continued pushing the boundaries of insurance by introducing covers for LGBTQ, sex-change surgery, mental illness OPDs, IVF and dependent siblings.
  • We launched Plum Lite - a comprehensive group health benefits membership exclusively for early stage start-ups, SMEs and gig workers/ freelance consultants. The membership offers new-age health insurance covers to teams as small as two members and for a premium starting as low as Rs. 85 per month.
  • We launched Plum Telehealth, where Plum members get unlimited access to a highly qualified team of doctors at no cost.
  • We introduced Plum Wellness  and conducted 30+ sessions with experts like Monica Halan, Tim Tamashiro, Will Storr and Nikhil Taneja.
  • We expanded from being a health insurance platform to being a comprehensive healthcare provider. We added health checkups, vision checks, and dental checks. We also supported customers with Covid-19 doctors and  vaccination camps.
  • We launched a Whatsapp-based claims experience, an industry first with a claims NPS of 79.
  • Finally, we have built a team of 100+ passionate people who go above and beyond to help our members stay healthy. We are privileged to have leaders like Debankur Biswas, Vinod Chandramouli, Ramya Lakshmanan, Shreyas Achar, Isaac John Wesley, Nitish Mehrotra and Shashank Palli join us on this mission.

Here is to expect from Plum in 2022

1️ Newer insurance products customized for our members

2️ Simplified, instant and transparent claims journey via the Plum mobile app

3️ Immersive wellness journey

4️ End-to-end healthcare access for our members

5️ Further automation to HR and admin workflows

COVID19 has still not left us, newer diseases are emerging each day and the country's healthcare preparedness is still low. The only way to be individually prepared is by being insured. That is our goal - to see everyone in India insured.