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5 Ways to Motivate Employees Under Adverse Conditions

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Inner joy and mental peace fuel our productivity. But how to go on in the face of such uncertainty as brought by this pandemic or during any personal crisis? The morale and motivation of people are at an all-time low during this COVID-19 pandemic. As a manager or an employer, you have to be the one to find ways of motivating employees under adverse conditions.

You have to be empathetic, understand their struggles and address their difficulties. A formal email or a motivational speech will not do the job. Here are some tips to help you validate and acknowledge your employees’ problems and motivate them.

Show empathy and support.

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Everyone has different responses and difficulties while facing a crisis—schedule weekly team meetings and one-on-ones to address their issues. Ask them about how they are feeling and how you can support them. For example, how would an employee feel if a manager only cares for their productivity?

You have to go above and beyond to foster a sense of belonging and make them know that you care for their well-being too. Empathy is the simplest yet most effective way of motivating employees under adverse conditions😇. 

Communicate with your employees. If they are overwhelmed, you could say, “I understand you are going through a lot. Let’s get together and figure out a way to sort out the task”. A word of understanding can go a long way to make them feel valued and re-energize them to take on responsibilities.  

It is also essential to communicate your vision to your employees. Employees should be treated as partners in the company. Please keep them in the loop and update them with any situation or change. This instills a sense of importance in the employee as he understands how significantly his work contributes to achieving that goal.

Recognize and appreciate

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The biggest motivation for anyone is appreciation. Someone going through hardship would further lose their will to perform if their work goes unacknowledged. In this pandemic, people are working remotely and do not always have the proper working set-up or atmosphere at home.

Yet, they are pushing themselves to deliver and meet deadlines. It is easy to lose confidence and willpower under such adverse conditions. Therefore, recognition is essential. Recognition gives the required push and motivation to employees👍. 

Recognition can mean sending an email to everyone in the department, appreciating an employee’s contribution to a particular project🎉. It could also be in the form of a gift card or some voucher🧧. 

Offer flexibility

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During this pandemic, many of your employees are managing work💻, looking after their child’s schooling, and at the same time monitoring their household. They could have aged people at home who are at high risk of contracting the virus. They are perpetually worried about the safety of their loved ones.

How can someone go on with their ordinary life with so much on their plate?  

What can you do to ease their burden? Actions are more powerful than words. Try to be accommodating and allow them flexible work hours to work around their child’s needs. Let them work from home with staggered shifts and compressed workweeks. Working from home allows for social distancing and offers flexibility. 

Think of holistic wellbeing  

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Do you know the most sensible and logical way of motivating employees under adverse conditions? Provide them with medical insurance and employee assistance programs. It is crucial to prioritize the health and wellbeing of employees. If you are concerned for the health of your employees and not just their productivity, it fosters an environment of care within your organization❤️.  

Plum Insurance offers group healthcare insurance. With Plum Insurance, your employees will get multiple health benefits like unlimited doctor consultations, full-body checkups, COVID-19 treatment, and even pre-existing conditions are covered.

In addition, this health insurance also values mental health and offers personal therapists, which is an essential aspect of healthcare during these uncertain times. 

Taking breaks can increase productivity multifold times. So, encourage your employees to set healthy boundaries around work and non-work spaces and to maintain clear start and end times of their shifts with proper break times.

Offer a fair and thriving work environment

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Your employees will be more prone to deliver objectives if you foster a fair and just work environment at your organization. So, ensure that all the employees are treated and paid ✔️ equally. Review your company policies and make amendments to make them inclusive, and there should be no discrimination on any grounds. 

There is no greater motivation than knowing there’s a proper and just system to evaluate our work and reward us accordingly.  

To wrap up

Motivating employees under adverse conditions can take a toll on you too. Remember, as a manager or an employer, you are the captain of the ship. So, stay calm! Health crises or a crisis of any sort can be stressful. Motivation can come in different forms.

It can be as simple as letting your people know that you are there for them and support them. Check up on them from time to time like you would for a family. Send care packages, appreciation emails, accommodate their requests, and make them feel their worth.

Little gestures of kindness can go a long way to encourage and drive people to their best! 

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