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As we analyzed policies across segments and sizes to publish the State of Employee Benefits, we realized India's unicorns were raising the bar on health benefits offered to their employees.

More than half of the unicorn companies have covered their employees' families, offering a plan that includes all immediate family members including spouse, children, and parents. 

Almost all unicorns are concerned about their female employees’ well-being, with 96% of them offering maternity benefits, and around 80% providing a maternity limit above INR 50K. 

The report also found that approximately 16% of unicorn companies have included OPD coverage in their standard employee health benefit plan, which is nearly double the 8% of all segments combined. Offering OPD cover is crucial since ~65% of healthcare expenses in India are paid out of one’s own pocket. 

This reflects Indian unicorns’ endeavour in making health insurance accessible to the “missing middle” of India.

In case you’re curious about which sector’s unicorns offer the best benefits, here’s a table for you to go through.

All unicorns have included other employee health benefits on top of the health insurance cover, with telehealth consultations being the most essential health benefit offered.

Approximately 75% of unicorn companies preferred to offer it to their employees, and 30% of them believe in planning a holistic combination of Health Insurance, Accident and Disability Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and comprehensive telehealth consultations for their employees.