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Term life Insurance. Made. Simple.

Thousands of plans exist in the market. Plum picks out the best, and curates them to your needs

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Numerous insurers, but Plum works only with the best

We're committed to offering insurance so dependable, that it takes care of your family in their time of need

Personal finance begins with a robust life insurance plan

Term life insurance is one of the most cost-effective ways of securing your family's future and your investments
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Multi-crore coverage at affordable premiums

Coverage from
Day 1

Lock-in today’s prices for the entire term

100% Tax free payout to your bank account

Option to cover critical and terminal illnesses

Deduction under section 80C

Three reasons why you should buy term life insurance today

Buy young, save more
Prices increase significantly with your age

Lock in premium through out your policy term
Policy bought at age 25 can be up to 50% cheaper than the same policy bought at age 30

✓ Secure your investments
Secure a multi-crore payout even amidst a recession

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Frequently asked questions

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a pure protection policy that offers a substantial, 100% tax free cash payout to the chosen dependents/nominees in the event of untimely death of the insured during the policy term.

How does term life insurance work?

Term life insurance offers financial protection to your family incase of your untimely death through the policy term. Example: You purchase a term life insurance policy with INR 3cr sum assured till the age 85. If you pass away before the age 85, your nominee(s) get INR 3Cr, tax-free.

Is there a waiting period?

Once your term life insurance policy is issued, your nominee(s) are eligible to get the complete sum assured in case of your untimely death through the policy tenure, even if such an eventuality happens one day post policy issuance. In summary, the policy is effective immediately post issuance.

What is the eligibility for purchasing a term life insurance policy?

Anyone between the ages of 18-65 and holding an Indian passport can purchase a term life insurance policy in India. 

Does the term life insurance have age limits?

You are eligible to purchase a term life insurance if you are at least 18 years old and at most 65 years old.

Can I buy term life insurance for my family?

Yes you can purchase term life insurance for your family.

Individual policies will be structured for each family member based on their date of birth, gender and whether they smoke or not. You can pay the premiums on your family’s behalf.

Why should I buy term life insurance for my family?

In the event of your untimely death, or that of any of your family members’, term life insurance will offer a substantial payout to the nominee(s) to help them navigate through the loss of a loved one and sustain financial liabilities and needs. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure substantial financial security for your loved ones in case of your death or that of a family member.

Can I have more than 1 term life insurance policies?

Yes you can have multiple term life insurance policies, and all of them will pay out if active at the time of your demise.

What are the advantages of buying term life insurance?

As your parents get older, there is the possibility of rising healthcare costs. There is always a chance that your existing health insurance cover may not meet their healthcare expenses. A super top-up can help enhance their existing health insurance cover (which they may have purchased in a personal capacity or may have obtained through your insurance plan) if they don't have any pre-existing conditions.

What are the factors that will affect my term life insurance premium payable?

Your age, gender and whether you smoke are three factors that will affect your premium. Results of your medical test (which if often a requirement before policy issuance) can also impact your premium.

What happens to my term life insurance if I leave my company?

As long as you are paying your premiums on time, your policy stays with you irrespective of where you work or whether you are employed. 

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or edit a term life insurance plan?

You will be given an opportunity to upgrade your cover only when you get married or when you have children. There is limited flexibility allowed during these occasions to upgrade your policy. Example: When you get married, you are eligible to upgrade your sum assured by up to 50%When you have children, you are eligible to upgrade your sum assured by up to 25%. On both these occasions, the upgrade is subject to a go-ahead from the insurer post medical test(s). Premium will also be increased accordingly. It is often preferred to go ahead and purchase an additional term life insurance policy instead of tweaking the existing one. You can hold multiple term life insurance policies in your name and all remain active as per term selected.

What if I entered incorrect details during the purchase?

Your date of birth, gender and whether you are a smoker or not - if entered   incorrectly can not be changed later. Premium calculated is as per these details.
You will have to cancel the ongoing policy and apply for a new one in such a scenario. It is recommended that you fill out details as per your government-issued IDs (eg. Aadhaar card).

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Rinkesh Gorasia
Career Leap

Just enabled Health Insurance for our team @UpskillInd via @getplumhq Lite and it's amazing how seamless & affordable the whole experience is for even small teams & startups. Brilliant work by the team at @getplumhq

Sonam Srivastava
Research Wright

Team @ResearchWright is geared up for the challenging times. We just got our health insurance started with @getplumhq. Love the easy process and the benefits of Plum.

Aditya Patil

Having used insurance in every company I have worked at; the communication between hospitals and insurance is extremely stressful. So glad to see someone solving a dire problem!

Roshan Cariappa

Gotta say @getplumhq onboarding emails are such a pleasant change from the usual insurance garble! Amazing stuff, @thesanerguy, @tanish2k!

Srikrishnan Ganesan
Rocketlane HQ

@getplumhq for making insurance for our team super easy and affordable from very early in the journey!

Ashwini Asokan
Mad Street Den

We use @getplumhq @ MSD HR team got whole thing up & running just like that. We'd been researching for months to get a solution in place & it fell in place so quickly when we met these guys. Talk to @tanish2k this team & their product - top class #notapaidtweet #justteamPlumfan

Aniket Rao

Just used the Telehealth feature on @getplumhq to consult with a doctor. Smooth experience in terms of consultation, scheduling, and engagement 💯. Old school browser booking followed up via email communications. Didn't have to download an app.

Ant Wak

We are also happy customers of @getplumhq at @AntWakVideos. The entire onboarding and claim settlement process is really smooth.

Shaurya Poddar

Buying insurance from @getplumhq has been a brilliant experience! Their sales and onboarding process is something every founder should go through while structuring their own. #CustomerExperience


I got you. Also, how soon is soon? 😃 Also, I recently got a chance to use Plum, and man, it’s more refreshing than most health care benefit interfaces that I have used.

Priyanka A

Looking forward to Plum and Navi. Probably the only two companies that will make a good difference to insurance customer experience in the country.

Deepak Abbot

Genuine appreciation tweet for @getplumhq - I didn’t realize getting group insurance would be this smooth. Kudos @thesanerguy - this industry needed disruption and happy to see Plum doing it the right way