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Group health insurance for employees is an insurance policy offered by an employer to provide healthcare for their employees. This insurance policy can help reduce the employee's healthcare expenses and make their medical costs easier to bear. Learn about group health insurance evaluation and how to get the right policy for your employees.

In addition, GMC insurance benefits an employer in many ways. GIHS helps to attract and retain good employees, by providing them with peace of mind about their health. Furthermore, it can also be a valuable tax deduction for the employer. So if you're looking to buy or renew group medical cover for your employees, read on for our tips on how to do just that!

How do you assess the need for group medical cover? 

With the advent of digital insurance, It is no longer tricky to assess the need for group medical cover. That's why getting in touch with an online aggregator is important. They'll help you evaluate the business situation and develop a pricing structure tailored to your needs. Once you have a rough estimation of the cost, you can select the preferable quote from the list of insurers. 

The insurance company will need to know about the level of injuries, illnesses and ailments your group members have, no of employees, the type of SI cover, as well as any specific needs your workforce may have (e.g., PEDs, allergies), additional riders, policy customisation, corporate wellness programs, and much more. You'll also need to agree on a pricing structure that takes these factors into account. 

Finally, make sure you consider any potential exclusions or limitations that may apply to your group medical cover. Doing all of these fact checks can help ensure that you get the right level of coverage for your group and protect them in case of an emergency. Plus, the complete process can be done online. 

What is included in group medical cover? 

When it comes to group medical cover, it's essential to understand what is included. This will help you select the right decision for you and your loved ones. Make sure to ask questions about the specific plan before purchase so that you are fully aware of what is available to you and your family. The general benefits of group health insurance include in-patient hospitalisation, surgery expenses, maternity care, pre and post, ambulance cover, top-up option, OPD care, and more. Additional benefits such as critical illness, accident insurance, and newborn baby care packages can be purchased by paying an extra premium. 

So, whether you're looking for peace of mind in an emergency or simply looking for more comprehensive health insurance coverage, group medical cover is an excellent option for your workers. 


Group health insurance evaluation - How should employers go about it?

When it comes to group medical health insurance, employers need to be extra careful. Not only are they looking for policies that meet their specific needs, but they also need to ensure that the policy offers good value for money. In addition to speaking with a group health insurance company representative, employers should also look for policies licensed and approved by the government of India. You can look at the claim settlement ratio of India's top ten insurance companies and the number of network hospitals. 

Additionally, they should ensure that the policy offers minimum coverages and exclusions so that employees are not left high and dry in a medical emergency. All in all, it's important for employers to have a good understanding of group health insurance policies in order to make the right decision for their company. 

So this is how you go about group health insurance evaluation.

What is the purpose of group health insurance for employees? 

Group insurance is a type of policy commonly offered by workplaces to provide comprehensive health coverage for employees and their families. This type of insurance has a number of benefits, such as maternity leave and medical reimbursement plans. Before signing up for a Group Health Insurance Policy for Employees, it's important to understand its features and limitations. Additionally, it's essential to evaluate the coverage that is offered before making a decision. 

Do your research and find the right policy that meets your needs and budget. With a comprehensive group insurance scheme, you can rest easy knowing that you're taking care of your workers and their families in the event of a medical emergency. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special considerations I need to consider when enrolling in a new group medical insurance plan?

When you are looking for a new group medical insurance plan, it is important to do your research. This will help you find a plan that best suits your needs and budget. Some of the things to take into account when enrolling in a new plan include:
-Investigating the services and benefits that the plan offers.
-Checking if the premium you are paying covers all the services you need, including emergency hospitalisation.
-Being aware of whether the medical cover includes overseas coverage.
-Beware of health insurance plans that do not offer essential health benefits, such as mental health care or fertility treatments.
-Checking the CSR and ICR/network hospitals of an insurance provider.
-Online facility for claims assistance and filing.
-24x7 customer support.

What should I do to make a claim on my group medical insurance policy?

If you need to file a claim on your group medical insurance policy, the first step is to fill out a Group Medical Claim Form and attach all necessary documentation. After reviewing the form and gathering any necessary documents, you then need to submit the claim to your insurance company. The claim process can vary depending on the type of incident, but in general it will involve contacting your insurer and providing them with the relevant information. It's integral to note that you will need to file a claim even if you didn't seek outpatient treatment etc. as the policy may cover any medical expenses that may have arisen during the covered time period.

Is it possible to get individual health coverage as part of my group medical coverage?

No, getting individual health cover as part of your group medical coverage is not possible. Individual healthcare plans are separate from group insurance plans. But you can convert your group health insurance to a personal health plan. To be eligible for this, you must meet specific eligibility criteria and comply with the terms and conditions of the policy.

What are three types of medical coverage available through group medical insurance policies?

Group medical insurance policies come with three types of cover - Combo, Comprehensive, and Pre-Existing Condition. Combo policies only cover accidents and illnesses that happen during the policy period. Comprehensive policies offer a broader range of coverage, including accidents, illness, childbirth, maternity leave, mental health, prescription drugs, etc. Pre-Existing Condition is an addition to Combo and Comprehensive policies, which helps cover conditions that have already arisen before starting your policy.
Note: GMC Policies differ from one insurer to another. Always ask your HR department for a complete download of your group plan.

How do I find out if my group medical insurance policy offers the right type of medical cover for me?

When you're evaluating your group medical insurance policy, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself a few questions. These questions will assist you to figure out what is included in the deductible and what is not. For example, some policies do not have any deductibles, while others may have a low deductible but may cover a certain amount only for certain medical procedures. You'll also want to know how much coverage per day and per incident the policy offers. Once you've figured out these details, it's time to compare policy prices and find one that meets your needs and preferences. Make sure to read all of the details of the policy (inclusions and exclusions, waiting period, etc.) and ask plenty of questions before committing to anything.


In today's world, it is crucial for employees to have group medical cover. This coverage can help mitigate the expenses that may come with an illness or injury and offers peace of mind for the employees and their families. Employers should assess their need for group medical cover and then look for policies that include all the essential features. Ultimately, the purpose of a Group Health Insurance Evaluation for Employees is to provide a safety net for employees and their families. So make sure to read our article and learn everything you need to know about Group Medical Cover.