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10 Fun Games In Office That Promote Teamwork

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Scientists have often found a link between productivity and happiness. So it makes sense to encourage employees to keep a touch of fun while working in the office. Whether it is for team building, bonding, or merely a bit of mental stimulation between shifts, there’s absolutely no shortage of ideas for fun games in the office.

We have decided to compile a list of the best fun games to play office. There are also short descriptions of why we think each game might be a good one for you to play with your partners at work.

Fun Office Games For Bonding

These fun Friday games at the office are perfect for helping new colleagues or even old colleagues get to know each other better. Further, they are fun, light-hearted, and your employees will come away feeling like they have learned something new regarding their co-workers.

1. Guess That Baby

In Guess that Baby, all players bring a picture of themselves as a baby. The goal is simple – colleagues must browse through all the baby pictures and identify who each photo belongs to.

Guess that baby encourages fun, positive conversations and opens up opportunities for co-workers to learn new things about each other’s childhoods.

Besides, you can play this fun office game remotely. All you have to do is jump onto a video chat with each other.

2. Heads Up

Although heads-up is often described as a party game, folks have found that it is a great ice breaker office game to play between colleagues.

You have to place a phone on your head, and a word shows up, and whether you are trying to name celebrities or identify animals, you will soon have your colleagues excitedly pointing or putting silly accents in an attempt to communicate the word sitting on your head.

Also, you can play this fun office game remotely via a video link. But the game works far better when everyone’s in the room.

3. Psych

Psych is another fun office game for bluffing, communication, and social togetherness. You have to download the app and give all players the special passcode to your game.

After that, all players will be shown a question on their phone, which they all must think of an answer for. This can even make up some sort of crazy law that the rest of the group never knew existed or simply answered something about someone else in the group.

The best thing about Psych is that while making wild answers and voting on your favorites, you are actually discovering a lot about your co-workers.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

In Two Truths and a Lie, each person picks two truths about themselves and then makes up a lie. The primary objective of this game is to guess which statement is the lie, for each player, and that creates a lot of fun.

Besides encouraging you to get creative with the statements you choose, it also helps you find out interesting facts about your colleagues.

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Fun Office Games for Team Building

The following games are listed with the idea of helping your employees learn to work as a better team. But don’t worry, these are super fun games to play in the office:

1. Human Snakes

In Human Snakes, you need to split your group into teams of equal size. In addition, you can have as many teams as you like, and you can have teams of any size, but we suggest between 4 to 6 per team.

Each team stands in a queue, with their hands on the person’s shoulders in front of them. Further, every single person in the queue must be blindfolded except for the last person.

After that, you must ask each team to navigate through some kind of obstacle course being driven by the person at the back of the queue.

2. Balloon Race

Similar to Human Snakes, you will need to split your group into teams, who will stand in a line.

You will have to place a balloon between each person, which they must hold in place sans using their hands, with the balloons sandwiched between each players’ chest and back. And each team must attempt to either go through an obstacle course or run a race.

In fact, it is fun to run a race with all teams at once. But if you don’t have the space for this, you can easily use a stopwatch to record the scores.

3. Bridge Building

It would be best not to get your employees to build actual bridges unless they have the right insurance. However, you can get them working together to build small bridges out of items like paper, old bottles, and glue.

You can do this any way you like, but our favorite method is to place two markers a couple of feet away. The bridge must stand along from one marker to the next. And the bridge that holds the most weight without collapsing will win the prize.

Fun Virtual Office Games for Remote Employees 

With a lot of organization focussing on working from home, we provide you with a list of the top fun games to play virtually. With minimal social interactions, you can bet that your team is eager to socialize and have fun:

1. Code Break 

If your team is more into brain games, Code break is the virtual team-building office game for you. You can get your team to solve trivia, riddles, and puzzles with their colleagues—moreover, this is great for competitive groups who love solving complex codes together.

2. Game Show Extravaganza 

Trivia challenges can get teams excited as they go head to head, answering questions from politics, pop culture, and probably more. It is a race against the clock, which makes it more exciting.

3. Team Pursuit

Team Pursuit is an excellent way for teammates to understand each other in a better way. The game involves a series of skill and mystery-ridden challenges. During the activities, employees will get a chance to enhance their communication skills otherwise discover hidden talents.


So, we hope that you enjoyed going through the list of fun games in the office. We have also added a few games that can be played virtually while working from home. Plum believes in maintaining the health and wealth of employees by providing group health insurance. Subsequently, games can take distractions off of your employees’ minds and make them happy. After all, happy employees are productive employees.

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