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What Are OKRs?

OKR software is a goal-setting framework that organisations, teams, and individuals use to achieve ambitious objectives. The key features of OKRs include a set of objectives and key results for each team member to focus on for the year.

An example of an OKR would be an organisation trying to increase its revenue by 10%, with the key results being acquiring 20 new customers, increasing 50 new potential leads, and boosting customer retention by 70%.

OKRs can help teams plan for the long term with flexible and realistic goals. Teams can adjust their objectives as necessary to reflect changing business conditions.

When implemented well, OKRs help teams stay focused on their goals and track progress toward them. They provide a decision-making framework, which helps clarify priorities and establish a framework for monitoring results. 

In addition, OKRs can help teams develop performance metrics that are relevant and measurable. A clear and concise objective is essential to successfully implement an OKR in your organisation. Transitioning to OKR adoption can be accessible through Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration.


ClickUp is a software that helps organisations set strategic objectives that align with their business goals and provides an easy way for managers to track progress and ensure alignment. This software has advanced performance review features and remote team management capabilities, which make it ideal for monitoring the results of performance reviews. Additionally, it can be integrated with Microsoft Teams to make the transition to OKR seamless.

ClickUp is a popular tool for tracking the results of performance reviews as it allows managers to summarise critical metrics such as employee engagement and results quickly. It also has excellent mobile and desktop apps that enable users to manage their work from anywhere. Overall, ClickUp is a powerful tool for tracking the results of performance reviews, strategic objectives, and alignment within an organisation. is an OKR software tool that has gained popularity with small businesses and mid-sized organisations in IT. The free plan of the software allows users to easily set goals, track progress against them, and receive weekly check-ins. Paid plans start at $9 per user per month and offer more advanced features such as performance management, task management, OKR management, and employee engagement.

The software provides an easy-to-use goal-setting framework with benefits such as Agile alignment, guided weekly check-ins, and faster execution and adaptation of goals. It is a valuable tool for helping managers execute business strategies, prioritise goals, save time, and foster a high-performing organisational culture.


Aha! is an OKR software tool that helps organisations outline their goals, plan and design objectives and assign key results to personnel. It provides a comprehensive overview of an organisation's performance in one place.

Teams, large and small, have widely adopted a goal management system called OKR (Objective & Key results) to encourage regular check-ins, feedback, continuous learning, collaboration, and problem-solving. With OKR software tools, organisations can easily track progress towards objectives and set future goals.

Outlining goals is an essential step towards achieving organisational success. By tracking key results contributing to these goals, teams can see where they are progressing and identify improvement opportunities. A goal management system such as OKR software allows teams to stay organised and on track with their objectives and results.


15Five is an OKR software that offers a range of features to support OKR implementation. One key feature is meeting agenda software, which allows users to create and manage meeting agendas in a systematic and streamlined way. It also provides evidence-based surveys and heat-mapping dashboards to help businesses track progress toward their goals. 

Another key feature of 15Five is its premium plan, which includes all OKR features at no additional cost. This enables businesses to get the most out of the software without incurring additional costs. 

15Five's free trial allows users to try out the software free for three days and access all of its features before committing to a paid subscription. Users can also choose from multiple pricing plans that suit their needs and budgets. For example, companies may opt for a premium plan with additional features such as data analytics and task management or just basic user privileges for free-rushing work tasks. 


Kanbanize is an OKR software that helps organisations achieve their goals by tracking and managing objectives and key results. It offers a free trial of its software with Standard pricing plans starting at $179 per month for a team of 15 users. The Standard pricing plan allows users to manage up to 10 key results each month. Users can upgrade to the Enterprise pricing plan, enabling them to track up to 20 key results each month for additional customisation and management capabilities.

Kanbanize's software enables teams to align their objectives across departments and track progress towards their goals. The software also features analytics that helps organisations recognise successes and learn from mistakes. Kanbanize is OKR software that helps organisations achieve their goals by tracking and managing objectives and key results.


Betterworks is an intuitive OKR software that provides automated updates, continuous coaching, and feedback. It allows users to set, align, and track OKRs and seamlessly integrates with other platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira. It also provides insights into employee performance and is GDPR compliant. 

Betterworks suits enterprise businesses with 250+ employees and can increase employee engagement and productivity. Many companies like Google, Deloitte, and Microsoft use OKR software to attain their growth objectives.


Koan is a goal-management and performance-tracking software that helps organisations define and track goals. It provides a platform for organisations to increase performance and productivity.

Koan has received positive ratings from G2 and Capterra, with a 4.8/5 rating on both sites. The ratings on G2 are based on 10+ reviews, while those on Capterra are based on 70+ reviews. Therefore, it offers reliable customer feedback about the software tool's performance and functionality.

One of Koan's key features is its goal-setting capabilities, which allow users to set objectives and metrics for their work and recognise accomplishments. Additionally, the software will enable users to receive feedback on their performance over time, helping them optimise their work practices.


Asana is a cloud-based management software that helps teams achieve goals and objectives. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a way of tracking and measuring progress on goal-oriented projects. Asana allows you to create, track, and report on goals, targets, and other objectives for a project or within an organisation.

It offers Kanban boards for tracking work in progress and features multiple reporting options, such as dashboards and reports. Besides, it allows sharing of project information with stakeholders through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and more. Overall, Asana is a valuable tool for project management that can help you stay organised and achieve your goals and objectives.


Hirebook is an OKR tool that enables teams to manage their objectives and commitments. It has features like automated check-ins, virtual meetings, key performance indicators, and organisational charts to help teams assess their OKR strategy with insights. With Hirebook, teams can plan and schedule recurring appointments with ease. Groups can also assign due dates for tasks and track progress on their goals over time.

Pricing for Hirebook is not specified, but it costs about $5 per user per month. Besides, Jira Trials, Purchases, and Renewals can be managed through the Atlassian Marketplace. It provides various features to streamline goal management and improve team performance. Hirebook is a powerful goal management tool that helps teams achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.


OKR Software by Peoplebox is a powerful tool designed to help organizations achieve bigger goals by streamlining goal alignment and reviews.

It provides a single source of truth around companies' strategy, Goals & initiatives and keeps them aligned & updated in real-time with 50+ native integrations. It also helps you integrate OKRs with both business and performance reviews and helps you drive accountability, focus and visibility in business strategy execution.
With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Peoplebox ensures that teams can align their goals with the company’s strategic vision and drive measurable outcomes. It helps business leaders drive better focus, alignment, visibility & accountability in their execution and achieving moonshot goals.


OKRs are an objective-setting technique that has worked for many businesses and organisations for years. They're simple yet highly effective tools for setting goals and prioritising your work. They can help you and your team stay organised and on track, ensuring you meet your monthly objectives. 


Q. How do organizations ensure employee engagement and participation in setting and achieving OKRs?

A. Organizations foster engagement by involving employees in the OKR setting process and making objectives transparent. Regular check-ins and feedback encourage participation. This approach ensures employees feel valued and understand how their work contributes to the company's goals.

Q. Can OKR software integrate with existing project management tools, and if so, how does this process work?

A. Yes, many OKR software tools offer integration capabilities with project management platforms. Through APIs or built-in integration features, data syncs between systems, allowing for seamless workflow and real-time progress tracking. Companies should consult software documentation or support for specific integration guidelines.

Q. What specific features do these OKR software tools offer to facilitate remote team management and collaboration?

A. OKR software tools provide features like virtual check-ins, collaborative goal setting, progress tracking dashboards, and communication channels. These functionalities enhance remote team management by keeping members aligned and engaged, regardless of their location.