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Companies require highly skilled employees with unique skill sets in this fast-paced world. To hire such employees, many companies rely heavily on human resources. Organisations that follow best practices in hiring human resources can expect their business to grow faster. Undoubtedly, talent management is one of the top priorities of every organisation today, and hiring managers are expected to do a perfect job of it.

If you're working in human resources or want to get into it someday, there's a high chance you need to manage various recruitment and employee onboarding tasks. To achieve complete performance and growth in your department, you need apps that streamline processes and improve efficiency and overall workflow management. That's why we created this list of HR applications every HR manager must have on their mobile phones.

Top 11 human resource management apps every HR should use

With so many essential HR management apps available, it's easy for HR managers to find the app that fits their needs and workflow best. Some popular options include To-Do, which allows users to set reminders, deadlines, and share tasks with team members; HR Cloud employee mobile app, which is integrated with Microsoft Office 360 and other productivity and collaboration tools; and payroll software, which can help track information such as payroll, employee leave requests, travel reimbursements, and benefits. 

Depending on the app, you can easily track your employees' work hours and provide them with easy access to crucial information. That way, your employees can be more productive and efficient. Besides, these apps can also help save time and money by saving you from manual workflows or errors.

Applicant tracking

Companies can streamline hiring with a job application app with forms for various manager positions and internships. This can save time and reduce errors, resulting in more efficient hiring practices. ATS can also help speed up the hiring process by automating the processes of candidate management and human resources. 

Besides, it can store all the applicant data in one place, enabling a faster and more accurate search. Finally, an employee portal app can be quickly and easily accessed to gain access to their employment information. A job application app can help companies streamline hiring and ensure accurate applicant tracking and management.

New staff hiring request

Companies can manage employee data and schedules with the Employee Scheduling App from Jotform. This app allows employees to easily schedule interviews, training, performance reviews, and other formal or informal personnel management forms. In addition, it enables sharing holiday balances and additional information about employee absences with other users on the app.

The Work Schedule App from Jotform provides a platform for streamlined employee scheduling. It enables an organisation to create multiple work schedules for individual employees in a single interface. This helps employees save time and effort while ensuring that they are always working within their assigned job responsibilities. The app supports various organisational types, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Employee information system

An employee information system is a powerful tool that can help streamline employee scheduling and management. It allows users to track and share tasks and deadlines with team members. This app can also be helpful for managers who want to sort and filter employee data from any device easily. Other apps, such as the work schedule app from Jotform, can help managers stay organised and keep track of tasks. These apps make it easier for employers to manage their workforce and achieve personal and business goals. They enable people to access and download the app on any device, allowing them to access employee data from anywhere at any time.

Employee onboarding

An Employee onboarding app simplifies integrating a new employee into an organisation. It allows for automated onboarding, which saves time and resources for HR departments. Onboarding apps can also enable HR departments to send documents digitally, making it easier to complete the onboarding process. These apps help organisations streamline the onboarding process and ensure that employees quickly get up-to-speed and start performing their jobs effectively. An employee onboarding app can store employee data and make it easy to sort and search through entries in a database.

An employee onboarding app can also enable organisations to track the progress of an onboarding initiative over time. For example, an employee scheduling app can store employee data, making sorting and searching entries in a database easier. Overall, employee onboarding apps help organisations streamline the onboarding process and ensure that new hires quickly get up-to-speed and start performing their jobs effectively.

Timesheet management

Timesheet management apps allow employees to track their shifts and completed tasks by completing a form. They can track time remotely using mobile devices or the web. These apps also enable companies to manage and route employee time effectively, as they automatically sync with employee mobile devices to accurately track completed tasks. 

Another popular app for managing employee time is Staff App, which allows employees to request time off from work, log daily activities, and update personal contact information. In addition to these management tools, many timesheet management apps offer additional features, such as reporting and analytics, to help organisations stay efficient and effective.

By creating a centralised location for consolidating forms and documents for employees to use, timesheet management apps can streamline processes and save resources. They are also helpful in tracking hours worked per week and other performance-related data. Overall, Timesheet Management Apps are vital for ensuring businesses have up-to-date records of employee time spent on various tasks.

Employee offboarding

Offboarding apps can help ease the process of terminating employees. They can be used to record and process the termination of employees in a professional and organised manner. This can create a seamless offboarding experience that gives departing employees a lasting impression. 

These apps can also help managers supervise company equipment and key card handing over. Customisable onboarding apps can make internal resources available on any device, streamlining employee scheduling.

Offboarding apps can help streamline the termination of employees, creating a seamless offboarding experience that allows them to depart with a positive impression. They can also include time clock kiosks for employees to clock in and out and prevent buddy punching. In addition, offboarding apps can help management supervise the handing over of company equipment and critical cards. 

Overall, these apps are beneficial for creating an efficient offboarding process that preserves employee morale and avoids any unnecessary delays or confusion during the transition from one team to another.

Training management

Employee training can be a vital component of an effective human resources strategy. Streamlining employee training with the Employee Training App from Jotform can save time and help organisations stay up-to-date with best practices. 

This app allows organisations to easily manage employee training, including tracking and tracking completion rates. Employees can log shifts and tasks from anywhere with the Work Schedule App from Jotform, which allows managers and employees to view who is clocked in at any time. 

The Time Clock Kiosk App for Android and iOS allows users to view and update their work schedules from mobile devices. Rippling's Training Management App will enable employees to time in/out, clock breaks, change shifts, and access Salesforce or Slack for business communication.

Attendance management

Businesses can use attendance management modules to configure time schedules, workweek, week-off, and holiday lists. These modules help companies to streamline the task of managing employee time and attendance. They allow them to configure their employees' time schedules, workweek, and week-offs. 

Additionally, businesses can use workforce hubs to manage employee time and attendance via a cloud-based system. This software helps small to mid-sized companies with limited resources track employee performance through time and attendance tracking capabilities.

Time off management

An automated time off management system can streamline employee time off requests, prioritise them, and facilitate quick and easy approval or rejection. A Time Off Request App provides an easy form for employees to request time off, with their essential contact information, requested start and end dates, and reason for time off. In addition to facilitating the request, employers can verify if an employee has enough leave balance to qualify for withdrawal.

Companies can use an app to ensure that their employees take all the required time off and comply with all policies related to sick leave and vacation days. Moreover, with an Employee Scheduling App, employees can log weekly shifts, view assigned tasks, manage leave requests, and take time off to quarantine from COVID-19 exposures. Such apps save companies from wasting resources manually tracking employee time off requests.

Performance reviews

Employees can quickly review their performance with a free mobile app that integrates with calendars and productivity tools, allowing employees to access and manage their performance data on the go.

An employee review app allows HR professionals or managers to monitor employees' performance. Performance management systems can track individual employees' performance with accuracy and transparency and help employers identify improvement areas or develop targeted training programs. By monitoring individual employee performance in real-time, these systems can help companies identify when and where improvements are needed.

The Sage HR mobile app allows users to review leave and holiday, claim expenses, and empower employees with self-service features. These apps help streamline the management of human resources, making it easier for organisations to stay competitive in today's workforce revolution.

Employee self-service

Employee self-service applications offer intuitive capabilities for organisations to engage and fulfil the digital needs of their workforce. Microsoft To-Do is an effective tool for organising, delegating and setting reminders. Jotform's Employee Scheduling App offers forms for employees to log weekly shifts, view assigned tasks, request leave, and take time off to quarantine. The app also includes a companion spreadsheet to store employee data. 

Use the app's splash screen for company-wide announcements and listing HR contact information. With employee self-service applications, it is easier than ever for organisations to streamline their processes and save time and resources.


To manage HR effectively, gathering information and making decisions is crucial. With so many apps to streamline this process, getting organised is easier than ever. The right app can free up your time and resources while making you more productive. So, find the app that best suits your organisation and start working smarter today. We hope you find the app that best fits your organisation's unique needs and helps you work smarter.