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In today’s competitive world, attracting and retaining talented employees has been one of the highest priorities of top companies worldwide. Employees go beyond the legacy of the company and look for factors that would benefit them holistically.

Recent data shows that out of all companies of varying stature, the ones leading the tables are those that have kept their employees satisfied. The University of Warwick conducted a study where they found that happier employees deliver 12% more efficiently compared to stressed or dissatisfied workers who perform 10% worse.

One of the most common ways an employer keeps its employees happy is a well-planned comprehensive health benefits package. It is so instrumental in a modern-day work culture that Aflac, a supplemental insurance company in America, conducted an annual employee findings survey which pointed out that 60% of employees would take a job with lower pay but better benefits.

Why are employee benefits critical?

Job seekers look for a better way of life upon joining your company. One which develops a sense of mutual betterment that extends beyond work experience, linear growth, and bonuses. More importantly, it makes them feel like a valued asset of the company.

It helps you attract top talent

The comprehensive health benefits offered by an employer affects the way any prospective employee looks at you. Firstly, having a great benefits is essential for you to be part of Great Places to Work. Secondly, by providing a well-planned benefits package, you’re showing worthy prospects how you care about the team. Lastly, it can allow you to offer lower compensation, and still attract the cream of the crop with a solid comprehensive health benefits package.

It help you increase the productivity of your team

Giving such a plan to your employees ensures that your employee is leading a health life, leading to lower absenteeism, which inadvertently leads to higher productivity. It also takes the stress of medical expenses off the minds of your employees, allowing them to have more focus on their work. It gives them a feeling of security and generates a collective environment of understanding that helps improve efficiency between an employee and employer.

It helps you reduce your turnover rate

Ensuring the health and long-term safety of your employee can not only build their loyalty to the company, but also improve their morale. It assures them to feel grounded and nurtures a sense of belonging to the organization. Employees who are happy do not look out. In case employees do look out, they would compare benefits of the company before making a call; and may stop them from leaving.


What makes a good health benefits package?

Here are a few pointers to design a good health benefits package.

Health and accident insurance

When choosing a health insurance plan, choose a plan that has no hidden terms and conditions, no tricky clauses, and no sub-limits. This ensures that the employees understand what their health insurance covers and has no unexpected surprises.

Doctor consultations: 95% + of the employees need doctor consultations without hospitalization (which is not covered by insurance). Consulting doctors at the right time leads to early disease detection, faster recovery, and better health. Support the employees by enabling regular doctor consultation.

Health checkups: Annual preventive testing helps in diagnosing conditions at an early stage and preventing complications related to them. It also enables employees to be more aware of their health conditions.

Fitness plans: Health studies recommend recommends five hours of moderate exercise per week. Exercise leads to higher energy levels and enhanced mood, which directly results in enhanced productivity. Highly efficient organizations sponsor gym memberships of their employees. This shows that you not only care about their health but supports their journey towards achieving their fitness goals.

Dental and vision plans: While general health care costs have been rising steadily, dental and vision related care has been skyrocketing. Regular eye checkups, dental cleaning and checkup is critical for long term prevention of dental problems.

Mental wellness: Mental health has come to major prominence in the past few weeks especially with Covid-19. Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employee’s job performance and productivity, engagement with one’s work, communication with coworkers, and physical capability and daily functioning. Set up a mental wellness plan and EAP program to ensure your employees are able to manage their work stress.

Nutrition plan: Nutrition is one of the most important yet neglected components of health and safety initiatives and workplace wellness programs. Nutrition has an immediate impact on employee performance.
Provide your employees the benefit of consulting nutritionists.


How can Plum help

Plum helps companies to set up a comprehensive yet completely personalizes health benefits plan. Companies using Plum see an 80% increase in employee satisfaction. With Plum, you can design and roll-out your benefits plan in less than a day. You get the advantage of the most modern and effective benefits, with an affordable pre-negotiated price. You additionally get an employee benefits app that your employees can use to understand and use their benefits.

We would love to hear what other health benefits you have seen at organizations that has had an impact on the employees.

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