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Health plays an important role in employee productivity. As an employer, the best way to ensure your employees are healthy is to introduce a health and wellness program. 

Increase in employee morale, job satisfaction, and improvement in their health are just some of the benefits that employees receive after the implementation of a wellness program. Likewise, companies with an effective wellness program are 40% more likely to report a high financial performance than companies without one. 

Not just that, employees notice your efforts to support their well-being and are more likely to recommend an employer that offers wellness programs. All this is possible with the right employee health program, and for that, you might need to look at these companies with great employee health programs for inspiration.

Companies With Amazing Employee Health Programs

1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the companies that managed to match with the right employee health programs. For instance, their wellness program includes a weekly on-site fitness activity on Mondays that promotes an active lifestyle. 

However, what sets Tinder’s employee health program is its focus on awareness. It has a monthly content plan that tackles health topics through different mediums such as newsletters, posters and even a podcast called ‘Tune In Tuesday.’ Activities like these help Tinder work on increasing the overall health awareness in their organization.

Awareness about health and wellness is essential for the success of your employee health program. Tinder focuses on reaching out to the employees and takes their needs into account to modify their wellness program when needed.

2. Swiggy

Swiggy is an online food ordering platform. Apart from delivering your food, the company is also dedicated to delivering a healthy work culture for its employees. It has a ‘Built Around You’ program devoted to employee health and wellbeing. Under the program, Swiggy employees or ‘Swiggsters’ to make use of tele or video sessions with specialists like dieticians, therapists, legal specialists, and more. 

The program has taken a 360-degree approach by focusing on physical, emotional, mental, financial and even legal well-being. Apart from this, their program concentrates heavily on access to preventive healthcare options. It has consultations, wellbeing checkups, gym memberships, diagnostics, etc.

3. Fitbit

Fitbit is a company that makes fitness trackers that are used by people all over the world. It’s no surprise that they have ensured that their employees have access to the right healthcare program (and they’ve made it fun too!) Fitbit has gamified its health program with the help of their activity trackers to reward an active lifestyle. 

"It's about making the program a part of office culture in general — changing that water cooler conversation," says McDonough, VP and GM for Fitbit Wellness.

With office step challenges and fun workouts, Fitbit has gamified health on-site to ensure maximum participation. Along with that, they have ensured that their employees are focusing on nutrition as well by providing healthy catered lunches and a fully stocked kitchen (happy hours included)

4. Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products is a leader in providing eco-friendly cleaning products since 1967. The company focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle by encouraging employees to eat right and also work towards living more sustainably. 

In each of their offices, they have a community garden. Employees are encouraged to use it to get fresh and organic fruits and vegetables for themselves. Nutrition is just as important as leading an active lifestyle, and Earth Friendly Products shows us the way.

Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop at these gardens. Employees can trade their car for a hybrid one and the company will help them with this transition. Likewise, they hold events where employees can exchange clothes and personal items that they no longer need. All their wellness activities are centred around their company culture, thus making it easier for them to implement them.

5. Zappos

Zappos is an online clothing store based in the United States that has created an employee health program that encourages voluntary participation. 

Yes, it offers gym memberships and other incentives, but it takes it a step further with their on-site fitness centre and an active focus on health with basketball matches and ‘Recess Tuesdays’ where employees just play and have fun! If they’re tired after all these physical activities, they can even rest in one of their nap pods.

"It's about getting people to want to do things voluntarily, not forcing them. Success programs are the ones that get team members energised versus forcing it on them." - Kelly Maher, Wellness Coordinator at Zappos.

One of the main reasons why employees don’t participate in wellness programs, even if they’re good for them is because they feel like it’s something they have to do. Zappos’ health program eliminates this problem by introducing a program that’s fun and caters to all employees.

6. Google 

Lastly, your search for a comprehensive employee healthcare program has to end at Google. It’s not surprising that Google is famous for its many employee perks. From swanky offices and a diverse workforce. Likewise, one of these perks is their comprehensive employee health program.

One look around their vast campus and you’ll realize that they’ve invested actively in improving their employees’ wellness. For instance, ‘Googlers’ have access to onsite healthcare services such as physicians, therapists, massage services if your neck hurts from all the coding and fitness centers too.

Along with that, their campus cafes offer nutritious meals to encourage healthy eating. The meals in these cafes are colour-coded and are of the recommended portion size. These on-site restaurants give employees the freedom to choose their meals everyday, thus giving them more control over their health.

After all this, Google also provides a comprehensive healthcare plan for all the employees. With comprehensive coverage, low premiums and a flexible plan, Google has ensured that its employees are well-protected.

Inspired Yet? 

The right employee health program can make a lot of difference. These companies have focused on creating programs that their employees need and offered what they can, whether it’s a full-fledged fitness centre, a more active work environment, or a comprehensive health insurance plan.

With services like access to doctor consultations, focus on mental well-being, and fitness centers, Plum gives you a comprehensive health plan that’s best suited for your company.