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Employee engagement is the most crucial part of the employee experience. A satisfied employee does more than work; they also bring a strong business culture and performance. If your business wants to create an employee engagement platform, using software platforms that cater to your needs and ensure high employee engagement is best.

Today, we're presenting a list of the best employee engagement software companies. These software platforms provide work-from-home solutions, analytics, and management tools in one platform to help you engage employees and give them feedback on their job satisfaction and performance. Besides making managing your people easier, these software companies have various integrations, such as automating payroll processes and management systems to save time and money.

List of Best Employee Engagement Software


Leapsome is a powerful employee engagement software designed to help businesses measure engagement and performance. It offers a range of features, including goal management, employee alignment, social recognition, surveys, and feedback management. This software measures engagement across ten key metrics and 26 sub-metrics endorsed by Deloitte, Gallup, Aon, and other leading organisations. It has an intelligent algorithm that automatically sends relevant questions without being repetitive. 


Kazoo is a software platform that provides businesses with employee engagement and recognition tools. It can track employee performance and development, set goals, and create individual development plans.

Kazoo provides several templates for recognising employees, such as badges, certificates, and e-mails. Additionally, it includes goal-setting functionality to help employees set performance goals. Individual development plans can also outline employees' steps to improve their performance. Kazoo lets users track employee performance in real-time via dashboards and reports. 


Synergita is a cloud-based continuous employee performance management software that automates employee talent data, goals alignment, performance reviews, and feedback. It can measure engagement metrics such as satisfaction and employee engagement. Its algorithm sends relevant questions without repetition and a communication channel for honest employee feedback.

The software helps organisations identify areas for improvement and determine how to best achieve their organisational goals through employee engagement. It allows employees to provide feedback anonymously on their performance, both positively and negatively. It also has a mobile app for streamlined access from any device.

With Synergita, organisations can effectively engage their employees and improve their performance. The software is reliable, easy to use, and has various features to help improve engagement levels at work.

Sage HR

Sage HR is fast becoming the one employee engagement software in this space with its ability to measure 10 key metrics and 26 sub-metrics. Key features such as an intelligent algorithm that sends relevant questions without repetition and an anonymous communication channel for honest employee feedback make it stand out. It's no wonder organisations worldwide have adopted Sage HR for its flexibility and ease of use. Whether you want to benchmark your performance or survey employees about their work-life balance, Sage HR is the perfect choice for engaging your workforce.

Jotform Enterprise

JotForm Enterprise is one of the best employee engagement software platforms available. It increases employee engagement and positive workplace relationships by facilitating forms such as surveys and feedback. The software has been reviewed positively for its solid features and ease of use. 

Some software platforms focus on tracking performance and management effectiveness, while others are designed to promote engagement across multiple functions within the organisation. Both types of software can be valuable tools for improving employee engagement and creating a productive and thriving workplace culture.


SurveySparrow is an employee engagement software vendor with a 14-day free trial. It allows users to create informal surveys with a chat-like experience. This software can be used for employee engagement, as well as for tracking employee activities and improving efficiency and productivity in companies. It has been widely praised for its ability to streamline survey management and conversion processes.

SurveySparrow has received positive customer reviews, with many citing its ease of use and ability to save time and resources. The software is available in multiple formats, including web-based, desktop, mobile, and tablet applications. It can be integrated with internal and external systems to ensure efficient data management. In addition to creating surveys, SurveySparrow offers engagement and feedback analytics solutions that help companies track employee performance and engagement over time.

Keka HR

Keka HR is a user-friendly employee engagement software platform that helps businesses measure the engagement and performance of their employees, along with employer-employee payroll management and income tax returns filing.

This software program has an intelligent algorithm that sends relevant questions without being repetitive and anonymous feedback channels for honest employee feedback. 

Whether you are looking for a software program to help keep your employees engaged or need tips on improving engagement within your current workforce, Keka HR is one of the best options available.


Qandle is an employee engagement software that can help businesses improve employee engagement and retention. It is an end-to-end HR solution with analytics, time tracking, payments, and other features.

With Qandle, employees can be tracked in real-time and viewed globally, allowing businesses to provide performance feedback and make improvements more quickly. Additionally, it offers free demo and trial periods to help enterprises assess the software's functionality before committing to a full implementation. The mobile app of Qandle makes it easy for employees to access the software from anywhere. 

Grove HR

Grove HR is a popular employee engagement software platform that can help organisations keep their employees engaged and happy. It offers a range of engagement features, such as measuring employee engagement with key performance metrics and sub-metrics. This software platform has an intelligent algorithm that automatically sends relevant questions without being repetitive. Additionally, this software platform provides an anonymous communication channel for honest employee feedback. By using Grove HR, organisations can effectively engage their employees and significantly improve their performance.


Bitrix24 is a free employee engagement software that offers features like badges, company pulse, and likes. It is excellent for managing client relationships and tracking sales pipelines. Bitrix24 provides access to insightful data for making better decisions. 

The tool programs help companies track progress in improving employee performance and satisfaction. They offer analytics such as employee retention rates and performance reviews to help management make informed decisions about employee engagement.


Many employee engagement software options exist, with different features and pricing. It can take time to choose the best one for your business. To help you make the correct decision, we have reviewed several popular employee engagement software programs and outlined their advantages and features. 

These platforms allow you to track performance data, manage employee goals, and engage with staff daily. They provide various management functions and analytics for managing performance in your organisation. When choosing the best employee engagement software platform for your business, it is essential to consider the features and cost of each program.


While employee engagement software can be a boon for any company, understanding the right fit is crucial. Various factors affect employee engagement, such as management practices and employee morale. 

All these factors must be considered to understand your company's best employee engagement software. In addition, it's essential to understand your employees' needs and expectations. 

The employee engagement software that satisfies their requirements best will help them become more engaged with their work, ultimately benefiting your business in the long run.


Q. How do these employee engagement software platforms ensure data privacy and security, especially regarding sensitive employee information?

A. These platforms employ robust encryption and comply with data protection regulations to secure employee information. They also conduct regular security audits to safeguard data, ensuring privacy and security are top priorities. This ensures that sensitive employee data remains confidential and protected.

Q. Can these platforms be customized to fit the unique culture and engagement goals of different organizations?

A. Yes, many employee engagement software platforms offer customization options. They allow organizations to tailor features to match their culture and goals. This flexibility helps companies create a more personalized and effective engagement strategy that resonates with their employees.

Q. How do these software solutions integrate with existing HR and payroll systems within a company?

A. These software solutions are designed with integration capabilities to seamlessly connect with a company's existing HR and payroll systems. This integration facilitates a unified approach to managing employee data and streamlines processes, making it easier for companies to maintain accurate records and manage their workforce efficiently.