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Commercial general liability (CGL) cover insurance is a type businesses need to protect themselves from the risk of legal liability. This insurance covers companies for the consequences of their actions, including personal injury, property damage, and wrongful business practices. Before getting insurance, it's essential to understand what commercial general liability insurance is and what it covers. Next, you'll need to decide which coverage is best for your business. There are three main commercial general liability insurance types: 

  • Personal liability insurance
  • Property damage insurance
  • Business interruption insurance

After you've determined which type of coverage is right for your business, you can find an insurance company that will offer you a competitive rate. Make sure to read through the policies carefully to make sure you're fully protected in the event of any legal issues!

What is commercial general liability insurance? 

Commercial general liability (CGL) cover insurance is a type of insurance businesses need to protect themselves from legal liabilities arising from their activities. This insurance can cover any incident while a business operates, such as accidents or injuries caused by someone working for the company. Different insurance policies are available, so speak with a representative about your needs before purchasing the policy. 

Having coverage in case something goes wrong is essential and can help avoid financial damages in a lawsuit. By understanding what commercial general liability insurance covers and how it can help your business, you're well-versed on your way to protecting yourself from potential legal troubles. 

Types of commercial general liability insurance 

Commercial general liability insurance is a type of insurance that businesses should consider when expanding or starting their business. It provides coverage for third-party injuries or property damage and offers financial protection if a lawsuit is filed. Types of CGL insurance include property damage liability, product liability, premises liability, professional liability and advertising injury liability. Businesses can make informed decisions about the insurance they need by knowing the available coverage types and associated costs. 

Coverage for business entities 

Commercial general liability insurance policies are essential insurance coverage for businesses. Coverage can help protect your business from third-party claims that may arise, including wrongful death, bodily injury, property damage and product liability. It's essential to consider CGL when evaluating policies available to your business - it's an insurance policy that should not be overlooked.

The policy limits the amount you have to pay in case of a claim, which helps ensure financial stability for your business. In addition, this type of coverage can protect you from various risks and costs associated with litigation, such as legal counsel/attorneys' fees and court costs. So, whether you run a small business, startup or a multinational corporation, commercial general liability insurance is important insurance coverage to consider. 

Who should get commercial general liability insurance? 

Commercial general liability insurance is a policy businesses should consider getting to protect themselves from potential financial losses. Commercial general liability insurance can help protect businesses from lawsuits that could result in financial losses. The policyholder must be aware of the risks associated with their business and understand what the policy covers. As a small business/startup owner, you must consider getting commercial general liability insurance as part of your overall protection strategy. 

How much does commercial general liability insurance cost? 

Commercial general liability insurance is a policy businesses can purchase to protect themselves from lawsuits that could result in financial losses. A policy typically covers claims for injuries to people or damage to property caused by the business's operations. Coverage can vary, so it's essential to consult with an insurance agent about your specific needs. Most CGL policies are not contingent on profits or assets, making them a good option for small businesses and big names. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by "businesses at risk?" 

When businesses are at risk, it typically means they have been the victim of some injury or damage. This could include bodily injury, property damage, economic loss, etc. To help companies recover from these types of injuries, commercial general liability insurance (CGL) policies can provide broad liability protection and specific contractual protections to ensure that the business is not held liable for third-party actions. Some specific benefits of CGL insurance for businesses include coverage for personal injuries, property damage, wrongful death, product liability, advertising injury, and libel/slander. 

What are the different types of business exposures that CGL policies cover? 

Some of the most common types of business exposures that CGL policies cover are: 

Product liability: This type of insurance protects businesses from lawsuits filed by customers or employees injured due to using or consuming a company's product. 

Employment law: This coverage can help businesses avoid legal action taken by employees who feel they were wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or otherwise harmed. 

General business liability: This policy can help businesses protect themselves from legal actions by third parties such as customers, creditors, or suppliers. 

Business interruption insurance: This form of cover can help businesses cover the costs associated with temporarily shutting down their operations due to a legal incident. 

How does a commercial general liability (cgl) cover typically work? 

A liability insurance policy typically protects businesses from financial losses that may arise due to legal claims. The policy will also cover the cost of defending any legal action against you and your business. This can include damages you and your employees may cause to others, such as personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death. 


Commercial general liability insurance is an insurance policy that covers business entities for liabilities arising from their commercial activities. This policy can help protect businesses from financial damage caused by legal proceedings, injuries to people or property, and other liabilities. Companies of all sizes should consider getting commercial general liability insurance to protect their interests. 

The insurance cost varies depending on the coverage and business entity, so it is crucial to speak to an insurance advisor to get a quote. Keep reading to learn more about commercial general liability insurance and the available different types of coverage.

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