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The digital health ID card ?

It is a revolutionary idea to create a digital database that can record the medical history of all the people in a country. This initiative is called Unified Health Interface (UHI). Under the scheme, a 14-digit Unique Health ID is allotted to the registered users, through which all medical records of the patients are accessible. These can be used by the patients as well as health workers ?⚕️?⚕️.

Suppose you are travelling ✈️ for some work, and suddenly you encounter a health issue. If the symptoms are linked to some pre-existing condition, your past reports might help the doctor diagnose you. But, who carries all previous medical reports when they travel? 

Similarly, in case of emergencies, it might not be feasible to look for important reports and prescriptions quickly; this urgency can be done away with a Digital Health ID Card. It not only saves time and resources, by substituting technology but also provides a convenient alternative for the patients to access all their medical records when required, instantly. This article discusses the details of a digital health ID.

What is a digital health ID card?

Under the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) or Ayushman Bharat Health Mission (ABHM), the Government of India has introduced an ambitious project to digitize all the medical ? records of the residents of India. You will receive a Health ID card with a Unique Identification Number.

Whenever you want to get assistance from a hospital ? or a medical practitioner, they can access your medical records and history using this number.

How does digital health ID work?

The extensive health history of every patient is aimed to be recorded to empower the Digital Health Infrastructure. With the assistance of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the National Digital Health Mission will manage all the digital records through an online portal. You have to permit NDHM to maintain your medical records in digital format.

Digital records: All the details of your diagnosis and treatment are recorded digitally on the online portal. We can access these digital records through a mobile app ?.

Unique ID: All your scans and medical reports are recorded based on the unique ID provided to you. Your record can be accessed by the medical representatives whenever required through the mobile app.

Digi signatures: Doctors can digitally register on this app. They can also digitally sign their patient reports and prescriptions.

Delete or deactivate: You have the option to can delete ❌ or deactivate your digital health ID whenever you wish.

Secured environment: All your medical records are secured and easily accessible ⌨.

Benefits of digital health ID card

There are numerous benefits of this ambitious project that can make it easy for the common people to get good healthcare facilities with better speed ? and accuracy. The digitization of records has raised the utility of this project for all the healthcare workers as well. Here are the major benefits of the Digital Health ID Card.

Easy access: The digital records are easily accessible through the Unique ID Number of the registered member.

Customer consent: Your data is recorded after your proper consent. If you want to revoke your consent at a later stage, you can do so through the app.

Child health ID: You can make a health ID even for a newborn child ?. In this way, you can ensure that all the medical records are safely kept since birth.

Add a nominee: You can even assign nominee access to anyone you wish. They can also manage or update your medical records whenever necessary.

No smartphones needed: You might think that it is accessible to only those who have a smartphone. But, the benefits of the health ID can be availed through feature phones as well. Those who do not have a phone ? can do so through assistance methods.

How can I get a digital health ID card?

You can create your Unique Health ID by registering on the online portal, or with the mobile app, or taking the assistance of the participating health facilities like hospitals, health centres, etc. Here are the steps to apply for a Digital Health ID:

Through website

  • Step-1: Go to the official NDHM website through this link.
  • Step-2: Select the option, “Create Your Health ID.”
  • Step-3: Enter your Aadhaar Card number/Driving License Number and check the declaration.
  • Step-4: Enter the 6-digit OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number.
  • Step-5: You are redirected to a page containing your details. Enter your personal Health Records address (Username).
  • Step-6: Enter all your personal details and click on submit.
  • Step-7: Check all your entered details on this page, along with your Digital Health ID Number. Download your 14 - digit Health ID Card. 
  • Step-8: Create a password and log in with valid credentials.

Through mobile app ?:

  • Step-1: Download ⬇ the NDHM Health Records App.
  • Step-2: Select Register Now and choose the preferred language.
  • Step-3: Register with an Aadhaar Card.
  • Step-4: Enter all your personal details ?
  • Step-5: Enter the OTP ? received on your registered mobile number.
  • Step-6: Once your Health ID is generated, create a username.
  • Step-7: You might have to submit identification documents like Driving License.
  • Step-8: Create a password to protect your Digital Health ID and login.

Digitization is the future of our world. With the Digital India drive, the government aims to make life easy for the citizens. Digitizing your medical records can not only make your bulk handier but also reduce the burden on our natural resources. So, go ahead and get your Digital Health ID Card Online.

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Q. What measures are in place to ensure the privacy and security of medical records in the digital health ID system?

A. The system employs state-of-the-art encryption and data protection protocols to secure medical records. Furthermore, access controls ensure that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information. Therefore, patient privacy and data security are top priorities, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Q. Can medical records in the digital health ID be accessed by insurance companies or third parties without the patient's consent?

A. No, insurance companies or third parties cannot access medical records without explicit consent from the patient. The system is designed to require patient approval for any data sharing. Thus, control over personal medical information remains firmly in the hands of the individual, ensuring privacy and trust.

Q. How does the digital health ID system integrate with existing electronic medical records systems used by hospitals and clinics?

A. The digital health ID system is built to be compatible with existing electronic medical records systems. Through APIs and standardized data formats, it facilitates seamless data exchange. As a result, healthcare providers can easily integrate their systems, ensuring a unified and efficient digital healthcare environment.