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Here is your go-to toolkit for creating the best employee onboarding process.

Analogy ↔️ Alert!

Google is pretty ? cool. What we learned throughout our school life is obtainable on SERP (search engine results page) within seconds. To be fair in terms of learning, even the things that were not taught in academia, this search engine does a really good job at tutoring us. 

Just like we are dependent on Google to help us boost our general knowledge, employees rely on their managers to get informed insights and make good decisions.

How do you make your new leadership thrive if you are a founder?

Meet and greet the ?? parents

This is the first-in-command step towards building a fruitful onboarding culture and process for your organization. New leaders must have a solid interaction with the company's stakeholders from the start and till the end.

There must be straightforward collaboration and communication between the two parties, be it co-founder, owner, director, VP, or the godfather himself. 

Establishing good connections between these two guys ? will eventually lead to a symbiotic relationship of great success. Who knows, you might become the best of friends in the future.

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How to make this happen?

1️⃣ Apart from individual KPIs and OKRs, set up shared goals or develop projects that involve equal participation from both sides. It may be as simple charting a new growth channel or as complex as revising the marketing funnel or opening a ? drinks tab together. It must be a mutual decision. 

2️⃣ Don't forget your managers post the recruitment interview. Set up one-on-one meetings weekly or every 15 days on your calendar, but do it. is a well-designed performance measurement tool that will align all your projects. Utilize this tool for weekly review meetings, taking+tracking new initiatives, exchanging ideas, and much more. 

3️⃣ Give your managers an option to tackle your business problem. One way is to showcase a product demo and allow new managers to suggest improvements. Another way is to go across verticals. Make new leaders listen to a recording of an angry customer support conversation and see how they improvise.

Interviews matter

Now that you have got your leaders on the ? rocketship, it is time to pen down the employee onboarding process. How to do this?

1️⃣ Conduct a manager onboarding interview. It will teach you the art of successful listening. Ask managers about their onboarding experience and what worked vs what did not. Even better, make this a part of mandatory training.

2️⃣ Don't make a tedious form; create a Typeform. Anonymous surveys are a superb method of feedback collection. Regular surveys will assist you in collating a series of task points for improving the onboarding process.

In short, listen ? to your managers as soon as they join your workplace.

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It's all about workflows

As a founding member of the company, there is no one better than you to understand the work-log of new senior personnel. So how about you create a series of steps to help them get to know their working environment?

1️⃣ Start introducing leads to their teams over a call or in-person or even the ? METAVERSE. Create an all-exclusive pipeline and align the team with each member's function. Creating a workflow will not only hyper-organize tasks. Still, it will also shed light on least-optimum units that require immediate attention, replacement, or removal.

2️⃣ Get some cool tools for yourself, your team, and your management. Trello is well-known for creating, sharing, managing, and tracking tasks. Tools give you leverage over your work and provide freedom from micro-management. 

3️⃣ Share precise details of the standard operating process right from the start of the onboarding stage. Get creative with video tutorials featuring core values; reading a long-format content document is boring. This will suffice new managers concerning how the team operates functionally.

The basic idea here is to prevent any spillover. The last thing you want your manager to do is to start over. 

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People make culture

This aspect lies entirely in your hands. It is something and everything that comprises the potential of creating the best future for your modern workforce. Here is how you can ride the wave of creating favorable organizational culture from the very beginning. 

1️⃣ Start with a buddy system. A buddy will do a superb job of being the eyes and ears of new leads and helping them navigate through the vast expanse of first-day awkwardness and countering obnoxious teammates. Buddies also serve well in assisting joinees in understanding and imbibing the new working culture of your company.

2️⃣ Don't feel shy about past grievances. Every organization has gone through unfavorable circumstances concerning employees. Scale for absolute transparency and decentralization. It is ideal to showcase the last NPS reports to new leads irrespective of lousy performance. Because you have hired them to improve it, right?

3️⃣ Go beyond flexible working hours, ongoing initiatives, and HR policies. Make the onboarding process and experience more digestible for upcoming managers. If you have more than 2-3 people joining on the same day, group them and let them explore their first day. Create a fun immersion workshop that is accessible to all.

PS: Take their photograph and make it an NFT. Who knows, they might trade it on the METAVERSE and mint millions.

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Remember, when you are helping a manager, you're supporting their entire team.

Go the extra mile ?️ and give your teams a top employee health insurance plan and employee onboarding process today.

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