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Understanding the dynamic landscape of public relations and media is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their visibility and credibility.

In a vibrant city like Chennai, where the business ecosystem is continually evolving, leveraging local PR and media outlets becomes not just beneficial but essential.

For both startups and established enterprises, forming connections with these local outlets can lead to substantial advantages, from increased public exposure to strengthened credibility within the market.

For businesses like, which simplifies healthcare access with a digital-first approach, integrating effective communication strategies with the right media contacts is vital.

By aligning with Chennai's influential media personalities and outlets, companies can significantly boost their brand presence and ensure their message reaches the intended audience efficiently.

In this guide, we'll explore the role of media in shaping business perceptions and provide a detailed overview of the top PR and media personalities in Chennai who are pivotal in the tech and business sectors.

This will include insights on how to engage with them to foster positive media relations that benefit business growth and reputation.

The Role of Media in Shaping Business Perceptions in Chennai

In the bustling commercial landscape of Chennai, the media plays a pivotal role in framing public perceptions and narratives about businesses.

Effective media coverage can act as a catalyst for brand building, turning local companies into household names. It's not just about being seen; it's about being recognised as a leader and innovator within your industry.

Media outlets in Chennai have the power to influence how businesses are perceived by potential customers, investors, and even competitors.

For instance, a well-timed article on emerging tech trends featured in a leading newspaper can highlight a company's innovative approach, setting it apart in a crowded market.

Similarly, regular features on business practices or corporate responsibility can help build a reputation as a reliable and ethical enterprise.

For a company like, which is at the forefront of integrating insurance and healthcare benefits through technology, positive media engagement can enhance its visibility and assert its role as a key player in revolutionising healthcare access.

Such coverage not only informs but also reassures potential clients and partners of the company’s commitment and expertise in providing top-notch services.

The following section will introduce you to key media figures in Chennai—those who cover the tech and business beat and can help shape the conversation around your business.

Guide to the Top PR and Media Outlets in Chennai

Navigating the media landscape requires knowledge of whom to reach out to for effective communication.

Below, we introduce some of the key media personalities in Chennai who specialise in covering the technology and business sectors.

Their insights and coverage can be invaluable for shaping your business narrative.

Dia Rekhi, Economic Times

Focus: Dia Rekhi is known for her incisive coverage of the tech and startup scene in Chennai. Her articles often highlight new technological innovations and startup ecosystem trends.

Contact Information: Available upon request through the Economic Times official website.

Sindhu Hariharan, The Hindu Business Line

Focus: As a Senior Reporter, Sindhu brings attention to pivotal business news affecting the local and national markets, with a keen eye on economic impacts.

Contact Information: Contact details can be found via The Hindu Business Line’s media contact section.

Himanshi Lohchab, ET Tech

Focus: Himanshi serves as a Tech Editor, providing in-depth analyses and reports on the tech industry, making her an essential contact for companies looking to highlight their technological advancements.

Contact Information: Available on the ET Tech contact page.

Uma Kannan, New Indian Express

Focus: Uma reports extensively on startups and business news, making her articles a vital source of information for emerging companies in the region.

Contact Information: Uma’s contact information can be accessed through the New Indian Express’s official website.

Raja Simhan, Hindu Business Line

Focus: As an Editor, Raja Simhan covers economic and business news with an emphasis on comprehensive and authoritative reporting.

Contact Information: Detailed contact information is provided in the staff directory of the Hindu Business Line.

Sangeetha Kandavel, The Hindu

Focus: Sangeetha focuses on business and economic issues, providing insightful commentary that helps shape public understanding and discourse on these topics.

Contact Information: Contact details can be sourced from The Hindu’s official contact page.

Jarshad NK, YourStory

Focus: As the Editor-in-Chief, Jarshad leads coverage on startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation, crucial for companies looking to showcase their growth and innovative edge.

Contact Information: Reach out through YourStory’s main editorial contact links.

Anu Raghunathan, Forbes India

Focus: Anu is a seasoned reporter covering business and finance, providing a platform for companies to feature their industry insights and financial acumen.

Contact Information: Forbes India’s contact section provides ways to connect with her.

Venkatesha Babu, The Hindu Business Line

Focus: Specialising in tech and startup news, Venkatesha is well-positioned to report on new technological trends and startup developments.

Contact Information: His contact information is listed on The Hindu Business Line’s website.

T E Narasimhan, AdFactors PR

Focus: As a Senior Group Head, T E Narasimhan covers corporate news and developments, ideal for businesses seeking to highlight significant corporate milestones or changes.

Contact Information: Contact via AdFactors PR’s corporate communication.

This section aims to connect you with the right individuals to enhance your company's media presence and ensure your stories reach the right audience effectively.

Best Practices for Engaging with PR and Media in Chennai

Engaging effectively with PR and media is more than just sending out press releases; it's about building relationships and communicating your story compellingly.

Here are some strategies to ensure positive interactions with media professionals in Chennai:

  1. Understand the Media Landscape: Familiarise yourself with the interests and beats of reporters and editors. This understanding helps in tailoring your pitches to align with their content focus, increasing the likelihood of your story being picked up.
  2. Personalise Your Approach: When reaching out to media professionals, personalise your communications. Mention specific articles they've written and explain why your story might be of interest to them. This shows that you respect their work and understand their audience.
  3. Be Concise and Clear: Journalists are often pressed for time. Make sure your pitches are concise, direct, and include all necessary information like who, what, where, when, why, and how. This clarity will be appreciated and can make the difference between being ignored or noticed.
  4. Provide Accessible and Timely Information: Ensure that the information you provide is easy to verify and timely. Journalists value exclusivity and timeliness, so providing them with access to newsworthy content before it becomes widely known can be a key to successful coverage.
  5. Follow Up Respectfully: If you haven’t received a response, a polite follow-up is acceptable. However, avoid excessive contact as it can be off-putting. Understanding and respecting a journalist’s decision is crucial, even if they decide not to cover your story.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: When interviews are arranged, ensure that the spokesperson is well-prepared with key messages, facts, and figures to convey your story effectively. Practice and preparation can prevent miscommunication and help deliver your message clearly and professionally.
  7. Maintain Ongoing Relationships: Media relations should not be transactional. Strive to maintain ongoing relationships with key journalists by providing insights, offering expert opinions, and being a reliable source of information even when you're not pitching a story.

By following these best practices, businesses in Chennai can foster strong media connections that promote long-term benefits, enhancing their visibility and reinforcing their reputation within the industry.


In the vibrant economic landscape of Chennai, effective communication through PR and media is not just beneficial—it's imperative for business growth and sustainability.

The media's power to shape perceptions and influence public opinion makes it a critical tool for businesses aiming to establish and maintain a strong market presence.

For companies like, which are dedicated to revolutionizing access to healthcare through innovative insurance and benefits solutions, engaging with local media can amplify their impact and reach.

By fostering relationships with the top media outlets and personalities in Chennai, as discussed, businesses can ensure their initiatives and achievements are highlighted, helping to build trust and credibility among their target audiences.

The journey of media engagement is continuous and requires persistence, adaptability, and strategic planning.

Businesses that actively engage with the media, understand the nuances of effective communication, and leverage these relationships, position themselves to thrive in competitive environments.

Remember, your story is worth telling—make sure it's heard in the right circles to maximise your impact and drive your business forward.