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Insurtech companies in India are revolutionizing the group health insurance industry. Using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to deliver insurance solutions, these companies are changing how carriers and customers access coverage.

They have also created a new ecosystem of insurers who can offer coverage in a more affordable, customer-friendly way. As the industry evolves and customer needs change, insurtech companies will only get bigger. Luckily, there are a plethora of insurtech companies that you can choose from in the market today. This blog will tell you all you need to know about 10 of the best insurance companies in India that provide insurtech solutions to customers.

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Plum Insurance

Life happens, and when it does, you want to know that your employees will be taken care of. That’s why Plum is here: offering accessible, inclusive insurance and benefits for your company’s employees. Plum has covered you from digital-led solutions to manage their health plans and claims to affordable premiums.

Tiger Global & Sequoia-backed company Plum understands the importance of good healthcare for your employees and provides them with comprehensive benefits. They are committed to helping organizations navigate the ins and outs of group health insurance so that they can provide top-notch service transparently while maintaining high employee morale.


Digit Insurance

– Digit Insurance offers its customers a wide range of products and services.

– The startup offers a customer-centric approach to insurance. It provides a wide range of insurance products and services on its website, app, and through call centres.

– The startup has a customer-friendly payment policy too. It allows customers to pay in several ways, including through digital wallets such as Paytm, credit cards, net banking, and debit cards.

– As an e-commerce insurer, Digit Insurance has a strong presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This ensures that customers are well-informed about its products and services.

– Lastly, Digit Insurance is registered with the UIDAI as an e-commerce insurer. This means it can offer accident insurance to its customers without any restrictions or limitations.

Acko General Insurance

Acko General Insurance is a leading digital insurance company in India, offering its customers a wide range of products and services. The company offers its customers a wide range of health, general, motor, commercial and electronic insurance plans.

Acko General Insurance is known for its customer-centric approach towards its business. It understands that each customer’s needs are different and thus caters to them accordingly.

Acko General is an excellent option for all Indian insurance seekers looking for value-for-money products and services.


OneAssist is one of the leading insurtech companies in the country. It offers various insurance services, including claims processing, financial protection, quick repair plans, risk assessment, and policy issuance.

Its customers benefit from its high-quality customer support and affordable plans. Besides, it offers a free trial to test the company’s services before signing up. This would help you to understand how OneAssist can help you with your insurance needs and make a well-informed decision. Overall, it’s an excellent option for those seeking access to insurance products through tech solutions.



Coverfox provides comprehensive insurance coverage for digital assets. It offers a range of insurance products for businesses, including insurance for online businesses and digital assets.

– Coverfox offers various business and individual insurance products, including health, travel, investment, home insurance, cars, and bike.

– Coverfox was founded in 2013. It has received several awards from leading publications and organizations in the industry. It has a B2B division as well – Coverdrive and Coverstack.

Paytm Insurance

– Paytm Insurance is a leading insurance company in India. It offers a wide range of products and services to its customers.

– The company has a strong mobile presence and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

– The company has a dedicated team of experts passionate about helping customers achieve their financial goals.

– The company offers a variety of discounts and offers to its customers on various occasions.

– The company has tie-ups with various banks and financial institutions to provide additional customer benefits.

– Customers can choose from a wide range of insurance products, including personal accident, life, health, and car insurance.

– The company also offers loan products such as term loans and revolving loans for business purposes.

Kenko Healthcare

This startup offers mobile health services to patients in India. Its products include hospital diagnostics, preventive healthcare, doctor consultations, telehealth/telemedicine and remote health monitoring. Kenko has been working to improve patient health through data-driven approaches. For instance, it uses machine learning to identify vulnerable groups and create targeted care plans. The company aims to provide comprehensive insurance solutions that address the unique needs of Indian consumers.

Toffee Insurance

Toffee is one of India’s largest micro insurance companies and provides its customers with a wide range of products and services. The company offers coverage for Cycle, EV, EdTech, Pet insurance, online appointments, on-site services, claims assistance, and once-click purchasing processes.

The company has a network of agents across the country who can help with claims processing and handling. The company offer competitive rates and is an ideal insurance option for people who want a comprehensive insurance package for their business. Whether you’re planning a startup or running a business, Toffee Insurance can help you protect yourself against risks and accidents.

Turtlemint Insurance

Turtlemint is a leading insurance provider in India and offers a wide range of insurance policies. From life to health insurance, car insurance, bike and life, Turtlemint has you covered.

The company also provides access to various financial services, such as loans and savings accounts. Besides, it has a Financial Advisory Service that can help you with your financial goals. Turtlemint has its headquarters in Mumbai and operates in more than 20 cities across India. It offers a range of services to suit the needs of diverse individuals and families.


RenewBuy is a leading online insurance company that offers a good range of insurance products, including car, home, life, insurance advice, claims management, investment planning, credit cards, instant loans, etc.

The company provides various services to help individuals protect their financial and physical well-being. Some of the services offered by RenewBuy include premium payments, claim payments, and coverage analysis. The company also provides loans and credit cards to help individuals manage their finances.

RenewBuy also provides advisory services to help customers make informed decisions about their insurance needs. Overall, RenewBuy is reliable for affordable insurance solutions covering all risks.

Why are insurtech companies in India growing?

– Insurtech is a growing industry with a lot of potentials. It provides a wide range of solutions to insurance-related problems, such as getting coverage for various perils, claims processing, and customer support. The technology available in the industry today allows insurtech companies to adapt to changing trends quickly and offer a high degree of scalability to their customers.

– Also, insurtech openings new avenues for customers by providing access to a more extensive customer base. This helps them save money on insurance. Besides, these companies help insurance agents increase profits by offering various services through automation. Moreover, Insurance CRM software streamlines the process, enabling agents to manage customer relationships more effectively and efficiently.



Insurtech companies in India are here to stay as they brings a host of benefits for both insurance companies and their customers. For starters, automating claims processing and customer support services reduce the cost of operations while improving customer satisfaction.

In addition, intelligent solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help insurance companies make better business decisions with minimal human intervention. Moreover, reducing insurance fraud and increasing customer retention rates can be reasonable. With insurtech solutions providing insurance companies with a range of benefits, it is evident that the industry is set to grow further. If you, too, want to understand how insurtech can benefit your business, attend our upcoming webinar on the topic.


Q. How do insurtech companies in India handle data privacy and security, especially when using AI and blockchain technologies?

A. Insurtech companies in India prioritize data privacy and security by employing advanced encryption, secure blockchain networks, and AI-driven security protocols. Regular audits and compliance with data protection laws ensure customer information remains confidential. Thus, they maintain trust and safeguard against breaches.

Q. What regulatory challenges do insurtech companies face in India, and how do they navigate these?

A. Insurtech companies navigate regulatory challenges by closely working with authorities, adapting to legal frameworks like the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India's guidelines. They innovate within these boundaries, ensuring compliance while pushing for progressive regulations. Collaboration and transparency are key to their approach.

Q. Can customers personalize their insurance policies through insurtech platforms, and if so, how?

A. Yes, customers can personalize their insurance policies through insurtech platforms by using interactive tools and AI recommendations. These platforms offer customizable options based on user inputs, lifestyle, and risk profiles, allowing for tailored coverage. This personalization enhances user experience and meets specific needs efficiently.