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* Please refer to terms & conditions below to see eligibility for above prices. Plans can be customized as per your requirements.
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What's covered?

These benefits are covered under your plan
Covid-19 treatments from day-1 with no waiting period
Pre & post hosptilisation
Expenses for 60 days of pre and 90 days post hospitlisation
Cashless claims
Insurance pays directly to the hospital at the time of discharge
Zero copay
Covers 100% of the eligible expenses
Zero deductible
No upfront payment for eligible claim
Air ambulance of upto ₹1,00,000, and road ambulance of ₹1,000
Mental illness
Psychiatric treatments of upto ₹30,000
Day care
Procedures that require <24 hours of hospitalisation
Zero waiting period
Waiting period of 30 days, 1/2/4 yrs waived off on Premium plan
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Terms and Conditions

Can we add family members to the plan?
Yes, you can have three policy options:
E plan: Covers employees only
ESC plan: Covers employees, spouse, and upto 4 dependent children
ESCP plan: Covers employees, spouse, upto 4 dependent children, and 2 parents/in-laws

If you choose to take the ESC-plan, you will have to cover spouses of all married employees and all dependent children.

If you choose to take the ESCP-plan, you will have to cover spouses of all married employees, all dependent children, and parents of all employees.

Other relatives, like siblings or uncles, cannot be covered.
What is the minimum requirement?
The above price is valid for all Startup Movers portfolio startups that has 15 or more employees.

If you don't meet the above condition, please do let us know, and we will build a custom plan for you.
What is the premium for members who are >35 yrs?
The premium mention above is for members who are in 18-35 yrs age bracket. The insurance premiums increase if you add members who are older than 35 yrs, and will decrease if you add dependent children who are younger than 18 yrs.

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