Look after your team’s health with Plum Lite for as low as ₹85/month

New age health insurance for teams as small as two with dental, unlimited doctor consults, discounted medicines and much more

Plum Lite features

Offer best-in-class health benefits to your team from Day 1

  • Upto ₹5L

    Health insurance

  • Discounted

    Health check-ups

  • Discounted


  • Dental consultations

    and treatments

  • Weekly wellness


No more overheads

Easy administration of health benefits with our intuitive dashboards

  • Instant health cards
  • Pay your premiums as-you-go
  • Full-featured admin dashboard
  • Employee mobile apps
  • Easy onboarding for employees
  • In-app chat and email support

What's included in your Plum Lite plan?

Go up to ₹5L in coverage

Team members and their family can individually claim upto ₹5L


Simply put, all that’s critically needed is taken care of

Daycare treatments

Covers ambulance costs of up to ₹1000

Covers critical illness

Tackle life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart strokes

Cashless claims

Avail cashless claims at 7400+ network hospitals across India

Covers COVID-19 treatment

Covers treatment expenses that can run in lakhs

Waiting period

0 days on injuries & accidents, 1 year on named ailments, 4 years on pre-existing diseases and 30 days on all other treatments

Zero copay

Covers 100% of all the eligible expenses

Room rent limits

Room rents upto 2% and ICUs upto 4% of sum insured covered

Real users, real reviews

Rinkesh Gorasia
Career Leap

Just enabled Health Insurance for our team @UpskillInd via @getplumhq Lite and it's amazing how seamless & affordable the whole experience is for even small teams & startups. Brilliant work by the team at @getplumhq

Sonam Srivastava
Research Wright

Team @ResearchWright is geared up for the challenging times. We just got our health insurance started with @getplumhq. Love the easy process and the benefits of Plum.

Aditya Patil

Having used insurance in every company I have worked at; the communication between hospitals and insurance is extremely stressful. So glad to see someone solving a dire problem!

Roshan Cariappa

Gotta say @getplumhq onboarding emails are such a pleasant change from the usual insurance garble! Amazing stuff, @thesanerguy, @tanish2k!

Srikrishnan Ganesan
Rocketlane HQ

@getplumhq for making insurance for our team super easy and affordable from very early in the journey!

Ashwini Asokan
Mad Street Den

We use @getplumhq @ MSD HR team got whole thing up & running just like that. We'd been researching for months to get a solution in place & it fell in place so quickly when we met these guys. Talk to @tanish2k this team & their product - top class #notapaidtweet #justteamPlumfan

Aniket Rao

Just used the Telehealth feature on @getplumhq to consult with a doctor. Smooth experience in terms of consultation, scheduling, and engagement 💯. Old school browser booking followed up via email communications. Didn't have to download an app.

Ant Wak

We are also happy customers of @getplumhq at @AntWakVideos. The entire onboarding and claim settlement process is really smooth.

Shaurya Poddar

Buying insurance from @getplumhq has been a brilliant experience! Their sales and onboarding process is something every founder should go through while structuring their own. #CustomerExperience


I got you. Also, how soon is soon? 😃 Also, I recently got a chance to use Plum, and man, it’s more refreshing than most health care benefit interfaces that I have used.

Priyanka A

Looking forward to Plum and Navi. Probably the only two companies that will make a good difference to insurance customer experience in the country.

Deepak Abbot

Genuine appreciation tweet for @getplumhq - I didn’t realize getting group insurance would be this smooth. Kudos @thesanerguy - this industry needed disruption and happy to see Plum doing it the right way