Plum Lite – Monthly Employee Health Benefits Plan

Group Health Insurance is an excellent tool for organizations and employers keen on providing health benefits to their employees. It is a win-win situation for all, i.e., it ensures the well-being of employees, boosts their productivity, and reduces absenteeism.

This ensures quality work for employers and organizations while the insurers get an opportunity to provide health benefits to the employees of an organization.

However, where most insurers focus on serving numerous employees, what about group health insurance for small teams, SMEs, and start-ups? This also includes new-age startups, particularly tech-based with lesser employees. They all have to bear increased costs for similar services. So, what’s the solution?

The solution lies in Plum Lite that offers Group Health Insurance for small teams, SMEs, and start-ups. Its affordable group medical insurance is structured to provide health covers to teams as small as two people.

Let’s take a more profound understanding.

CoverageThe primary goal is to provide affordable group medical insurance so that no organization is left behind because of its size. Therefore, Plum Lite can provide health cover to teams consisting of as low as two members.
AffordabilityTo make group health insurance for small teams, SMEs, and startups affordable, there are monthly subscription-based employee health benefit plans that start for as low as Rs. 85 per month per employee. The teams can enjoy dental, doctor consults, and discounted medicines apart from the health insurance plan.

Benefits other than Health Insurance

While insurance coverage is an essential part, a good health insurance policy provides comprehensive health benefits to the employees, from physically to mentally. Plum Lite group health insurance policy offers a gamut of health benefits to maintain your employee’s well-being.

Unlimited Doctor Consultations – Most policies only cover in-patient department expenses, they do not cater expenses related to the out-patient departments. Employees themselves bear these expenses. However, Plum Lite provides unlimited doctor consultations with doctors from top hospitals. It also includes video consultations for employees to ensure prompt diagnosis and recovery.

Discounted Health Checkups – Get discounts on annual health check-ups with Plum Lite. Routine health checkups ensure detection of early warning signs of any disease and prevent them from further getting complicated. A comprehensive blood workup is a need that includes tests for blood counts, kidney function tests, liver function tests, lipid profile, thyroid profile, Blood sugar profile, vitamin deficiency, and routine examination of your body.

Family Benefits – The coverage is not limited to your employees; it also protects their family members, including their parents, spouse, and children.

Monthly Payment – With Plum Lite, pay for members who are covered each month and adjust as your team grows. Don’t break your budgets with big payments.

Get Instant Activation – Get started within an hour. No calls, no spam – make a smooth online purchase with no paperwork.

What is Covered in Plum Lite Insurance?

Sum Insured of Rs. 5 LakhsDaycare TreatmentCover Critical Illness
In-patient HospitalizationCovers Covid-19 TreatmentCashless Claims Facility
Wellness SessionsZero Co-PayDiscounted Medicines

In Conclusion

Group medical coverage is a vital element of corporate health care. However, to make group health insurance for small teams, SMEs, and start-ups more affordable and effective, it is necessary to structure a well-defined and exhaustive plan to suit their needs.

This is where Plum Lite will come to your rescue.

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